Two Ways to Combat Foot Odor

01 January, 2020

For many people, combatting foot odour is truly a year-round concern. Summer’s hot temps and active lifestyles often lead to sweaty, smelly feet. However, it takes more than sweat for feet to smell. Often factors that lead to foot odour are frequently encountered in the colder winter months as well.

Causes of Foot Odour

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not sweating that makes feet smelly—it’s bacteria. However, sweat still plays a big role in creating foot odour. How? When excessive perspiration from your feet absorbs into shoes and socks, it creates an optimal environment for bacteria to grow. This can be the cause of odour in shoes. Bacteria double every 20 minutes at room temperature. In an environment like shoes, which can be warm, dark and moist, bacteria might multiply at an uncontrollable level. It is advisable to keep footwear bacteria-free at all times, especially if you suffer from this problem.

Even though summer feet are frequently ventilated in flips flops and sandals, there’s no shortage of sweaty feet. Higher temps and increased physical activity—often outdoors—can quickly turn gym shoes into Petri dishes of bacteria. Once summer passes and temperatures fall, winter feet are often restricted to closed-toe shoes and boots. Socks, especially those made of non-wicking, synthetic materials, can make the situation worse. In addition to sweat, socks also trap dead skin cells, oil, hair and dirt close to the skin, creating an environment that helps even more bacteria grow and thrive. And the cycle continues.

In every season, there are additional factors that contribute to foot odour, such as fungal infections (athlete’s foot) and medical conditions that cause excessive sweating, like hyperhidrosis. In both cases, the result of the condition—peeling skin or more sweat—is simply more food for bacteria.

Clean and Dry Feet are Key!

The most basic way to treat and prevent foot odour is to keep your feet as clean and dry as possible—washing the feet daily. The Footlogix Foot Soak is the ideal product for regularly cleansing the feet because its diabetic-friendly, pH-balanced, anti-microbial formula gently and effectively cleans the feet without dehydrating the skin. Also, choose moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes and, if possible, rotate closed-toe shoes, such as gym shoes and work boots, so you’re not wearing the same pair every day.

Unfortunately, keeping feet clean and dry can be a real challenge no matter the season. When temperatures are low and there’s snow on the ground, heavy socks and boots may be necessary for the frigid walk to the car, but feet will surely heat up (and sweat!) once indoors. Summer not only brings increased, sweat-inducing activity, but barefoot feet can easily pick up dirt and fungal infections—more food for the odour-causing bacteria!
Fortunately, products made especially for foot and shoe odour can help.

Footlogix Foot Odour Treatments

Since sweaty feet are often impossible to avoid, Footlogix offers two ways to help you combat foot odor all year long. Footlogix Foot Fresh and Footlogix Shoe Fresh are proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria on the feet and in shoes. Recommended for athletes, people who wear enclosed, non-breathable shoes, or anyone that desires fresh, well-groomed feet, both treatments contain Tea Tree Oil which acts as a disinfectant to eliminate bad bacteria and neutralize foot odour. Footlogix Foot Fresh also contains menthol, which cools the skin and leaves a refreshing scent.

Foot and Shoe odour product Infographic

Both treatments are easy to use! Just apply Footlogix Foot Fresh to clean, dry feet 1-2 times per day and allow to dry 3-4 seconds before putting on socks or shoes. Footlogix Shoe Fresh can be applied daily, or as needed, to more than just shoes! It can remove odour from gym bags, yoga mats, sports equipment and more. Just spray the inside of your shoes or other smelly items and allow them to dry for 10 minutes before wearing or using.

With regular use, your feet and shoes will be fresh and odour-free in any season!

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