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08 March, 2021

A Guide to an “At Home” Pedicure

Can’t make it to the salon? It’s time we practice self care!

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18 January, 2021

Footlogix® Ultimate "At Home" Foot Care Combo

Footlogix® provides foot care professionals yet another way to increase their retail sales.

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04 January, 2021

Things To Do for Tired Legs and Sore Feet

Do your legs frequently feel heavy and tired? Are your feet often sore? Learn why, as well as some tips and tricks for treating tired legs and sore feet.

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11 December, 2020

Why the Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula is the Best Foot Care Mousse

If your daily foot care routine doesn’t include the Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula…it should!

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11 November, 2020

Five Reasons Why Footlogix® is the Best Foot Care Brand

The search for the very best foot care products ends with Footlogix®.

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07 October, 2020

Foot Care for Men. Your Complete Guide

Must-know foot care tips for men. Click to read more.

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01 September, 2020

Ways to Get Rid of Tired Legs

What causes heavy, tired legs and the best treatment for them.

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31 July, 2020

Choosing the Best Pedicure Products for Healthy Feet

We all want healthy, soft, attractive and pain-free feet. What makes a pedicure product effective? Read on...

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