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Your feet are an important part of your body. They carry you around for a lifetime and help you accomplish just about all your daily activities—run a marathon, take a stroll at the beach, get to your desired destination. Unfortunately, foot odor is a concern for most people…not just athletes and teenagers. And the issue isn’t limited to winter months when feet are bundled in heavy socks and restricted to closed-toe shoes and boots. Summer’s hot temps and active lifestyles also often lead to sweaty, smelly feet. The unmistakable, pungent “stinky feet” odor is not only embarrassing for the sufferer, but can also be very unpleasant for family members, roommates and teammates who may be subjected to it.


Feet sweat—a lot. In fact, each foot contains about 250,000 sweat glands and can produce a cup of sweat per day! While sweaty feet may lead to foot odor, sweat isn’t actually the source of the foul smell. It’s bacteria. When perspiration is trapped on the feet and unable to evaporate, the bacteria naturally present on the skin have a feast. At room temperature, bacteria can double every 20 minutes. But in an environment like shoes, which can be warm, dark and moist, bacteria can multiply at an uncontrollable level. As the bacteria feed on the sweat, acids are produced which emit the pungent, vinegar-like smell associated with foot odor. No matter the season, sweaty shoes can quickly turn into petri dishes of bacteria.

Other factors that can create foot odor, such as some disease processes and conditions which increase sweating, like hyperhidrosis. Tinea pedis or foot fungus may also be the culprit. Like bacteria, fungi also thrive in warm, moist environments and can cause an unpleasant smell.


The number one defense against foot odor is keeping feet clean and dry. Thoroughly wash the feet daily. Also, choose moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes and, if possible, rotate closed-toe shoes, such as gym shoes and work boots, so you’re not wearing the same pair every day. Avoid walking barefoot in moist, public areas where feet can pick up dirt and fungal infections which can also increase odor-causing bacteria.
When sweaty feet are impossible to avoid, foot treatments can help. However, avoid foot deodorant sprays that only mask the odor with artificial fragrances without addressing the odor-causing bacteria. Instead of covering up the odor, you need a formula that kills the bacteria that releases the odor.

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Footlogix Solutions

Footlogix® Foot Soak is the ideal product for regularly cleansing the feet because it is a diabetic-friendly, pH-balanced, anti-microbial formula that gently and effectively cleans the feet.
Footlogix® also offers a unique foot deodorant spray, Footlogix® Foot Fresh, to treat and prevent foot odor. Recommended for anyone who desires clean, fresh, odor-free feet, Footlogix® Foot Fresh deodorant spray goes beyond masking smells with fragrance and instead uses Tea Tree Oil, a natural ingredient proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria. It also contains menthol which cools the skin and leaves a refreshing scent.
Simply spray Footlogix® Foot Fresh on clean, dry feet once or twice a day or when needed and allow to dry 3-4 seconds before wearing socks or shoes. The easy-to-use spray with an easy grip makes for a more controlled, safe application. With each use, feet are disinfected and foot odor is neutralized.
For treatment of shoe odor caused by smelly feet, use Footlogix® Shoe Fresh. This formula also contains Tea Tree Oil to eliminate bacteria and the associated odor. Footlogix® Shoe Fresh can be sprayed in shoes as needed throughout the day. The best part is the benefits of Footlogix® Shoe Fresh isn’t limited to shoes! It can be used to remove odor from gym bags, yoga mats, sports equipment and more. Simply spray items and allow to dry for ten minutes before use.

Footlogix recommends the Foot Fresh Deodorant Spray for people who desire to have clean, fresh, odour-free feet.

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