Beauty Launchpad Interviews Footlogix Founder

27 December, 2019

"Love what you do, never stop learning."

Melanie Kopeikin interviews the most interesting and influential professionals in the salon industry. Kopeikin speaks with Dr. Katharin von Gavel, Founder of Footlogix® and an industry leader in the pedicure and foot care industry.

In this podcast, Katharin shares her journey and her incredible focus on her vision for the company.

The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry is changing every minute. It is the people, the products and visionaries who are making the industry shine.
Specializing in a niche sector like pedicuring and advanced foot care, Katharin von Gavel rode through all the waves of change in the beauty industry – starting right from the 70s, to the economic downturn, to the ‘90s and how pedicures are now a must-have in every salon or spa’s service menu today.

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“Feet never take a vacation. If you aren’t offering pedicuring services in your spa or salon, you are losing out on a revenue stream,” said Katharin.

Melanie was curious to know what propelled Katharin’s decision to work in the beauty industry. Much earlier, when pedicures were only a ‘buff and polish’ service, she recognized the need to increase awareness and the importance of healthy feet. She mentioned the 3R’s that every technician should practice.

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Katharin started Footlogix® with a simple philosophy – to elevate the pedicure industry and provide professionals around the world the means to give an exceptional foot care experience. True to this vision, Footlogix is now available in over 72 countries around the world.

Katharin took it upon herself to make sure that all pedicurists and foot care professionals look after their clients to have beautiful, soft, sexy feet; and at the same time educate technicians and make sure they give their clients what they need: transformational foot care.

She addressed questions about whether flipflops are good for the feet, how easy is it to pick up bacteria, virus or fungus, how often are hairdressers or nail technicians spotted with calluses, dry skin, cracked feet, uncomfortable and painful heels? She talked about how Footlogix brings beauty and wellness together in one place and how this is a unique range of transformational products.

Melanie asked: “What’s different about Footlogix products?”, Katharin said that she could speak for hours about how revolutionary these products are, but it is the proprietary technology that gives fast, effective and truly transformational results.

She also spoke about how she started the North American School of Podology (NASP) in the year 2000. The school provides over 600 hours of advanced foot care education, and how nail technicians can become a Certified Master Pedicurists®. “Today, when you look at all the education that hairstylists, estheticians, skincare technicians get, pedicurists are left behind,” said Katharin when asked why she started NASP. “Very often, I have technicians come and tell me after a NASP course that ‘I had no idea what I didn’t know.’”

Katharin ends her interview with how she masters her work-life-balance as an entrepreneur. 

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NAILPRO Magazine celebrates and honours five trailblazers who helped shape the beauty industry and make it shine. Katharin von Gavel shares her pivotal career moments, the greatest professional challenge and her best advice to newbie nail technicians.

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