Meet Rose Gay, Owner of H.R. Wellness Spa

25 September, 2018

After a long career as a dental and surgical assistant, Rose Gay, owner of H.R. Wellness Spa in Stafford Springs, CT, decided to switch gears and entered esthetics school—a decision that eventually led her to seek training in nails. Nail training proved to be a turning point. “When we were learning about different nail conditions in school, I found out that nails can be an indicator of health for the whole body,” she says. “This cemented my belief that the whole body was indeed connected and to help my clients in the best way possible I would have to learn about all parts of the body.”Rose-Gay-420X420.jpg

Indeed, Rose has gathered an impressive list of credentials. She is currently a licensed nail technician and master esthetician, a licensed and nationally board-certified massage therapist, and a certified aromatherapist. Rose’s next goal is to become a Certified Master Pedicurist®; through the North American School of Podology.
After nail training, Rose worked as a nail technician for two years in a bustling full-service salon, but soon realized that the clients she attracted would be happier in a more serene spa environment. After opening and successfully operating her first spa in Massachusetts from 2004 to 2014, Rose recently launched a new endeavor—the H.R. Wellness Spa in Connecticut. As an ethically responsible provider, focused on strict sanitation and effective care, Rose is thrilled to have selected the Footlogix Pediceuticals Foot Care Line for all of her premium pedicure services.
Here, Rose tells us more about the H.R. Wellness Spa and offers her best advice for the aspiring nail technicians and salon owners.

How would a client describe the atmosphere at H.R. Wellness?

It always surprises me but some of the first comments that new clients make are “It’s beautiful,” or “It’s so calming here.” I wanted to create a clean, modern, peaceful and welcoming space where clients could get away from their busy lives for a while and take a deep breath, relax, and get the care they need to nurture their own spirit. I knew I’d succeeded when recently, at the end of a service, a new client told me, “time stands still here.”

What services do you offer? What’s your signature service?

The salon offers natural nail manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing and massage. Our packages are very popular because I integrate several of the spa’s services into a single experience. Clients also really enjoy our themed events. This month we hosted Mad for Margaritas! During the event, we offered a unique treatment using Footlogix products. Clients love the unusual service combinations that they can’t get anywhere else.

 Why did you choose Footlogix?

I chose Footlogix because I care about my clients’ health and Footlogix delivers real solutions for foot problems. The Dermal Infusion Technology is amazing. I have a client who has struggled with extremely thick calluses and dry, hard skin on her heels, around the nails and at the ends of her toes. She didn’t think there was anything out there that could help, but Footlogix products have been quite transformative for her. It’s so rewarding when a client comes back and gives you a big hug and tells you they are never going anywhere else because what you do really works! The team at Footlogix has provided me with education, advice and support from day one and I can’t wait to learn more as my salon grows. I consider Footlogix a very important partner in my business.

What’s your best advice for new nail technicians?

Get as much education as you can and find a mentor! We are working on human bodies with all their diseases and disorders and in order to keep clients safe we need to know lots of science—such as anatomy, physiology, and cosmetic chemistry. Our clients are affected by our work. Nail technicians must know how to achieve stellar sanitation, how to discern if the products they are using on the clients are safe and healthy, and when to refer clients to a doctor so they can get medical care.

What tips do you have for someone who is opening their own salon?

There is so much to owning your own business. Learn as much as you can and have a full plan in place before you launch. Owners have to do it all, from performing services to cleaning, bookkeeping, marketing, budgeting, managing staff, and more. Make sure you have professionals, friends, mentors and the right technology in place from the start and don’t be afraid to make changes if your plan isn’t working. Be tenacious! Don’t let anything keep you from reaching your goals.
If you live in or near Stafford Springs, CT, be sure to book an appointment with Rose for a Footlogix Professional pedicure!
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Rose’s responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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