Should the feet be cleansed before a spa treatment?

24 October, 2018

Good nail technicians know that impeccable sanitation is paramount during any service, especially during a pedicure. Why?

cleansing wipesWith today’s lifestyles, circulation problems of the lower limbs are common in a large percentage of the adult population. With feet being the farthest extremity from the heart, it is important to have the circulatory system work efficiently in order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your feet and move waste out through the capillaries. Poor circulation of the feet and toes can result in many issues including cold feet and very dry skin. When skin is dry it becomes vulnerable, potentially opening portals of entry for bacteria and fungus. A client’s risk of exposure to these pathogens is increased during a pedicure service if the pedicure equipment has not been sanitized and disinfected properly. It is important to use only a disinfectant that is approved by the relevant government body. In addition, it is essential that the disinfectant remains in contact with the tub for the full contact time, as written on the label.


Never soak your clients’ feet in disinfectant. Disinfectants aren’t safe for use on living skin; they are far pedicurist putting foot soak in a foot bathtoo harsh and can cause skin irritations, injuries and allergies. A non-aggressive, pH-balanced foot soak is ideal to properly clean a client’s feet. The Footlogix Foot Soak Concentrate is a gentle, pH-balanced foot soak with anti-microbial properties that will cleanse the feet - without dehydrating the skin. In addition, the exclusive formula will help soften dry, rough skin as the client soaks.

Looking for a soakless option? Footlogix Cleansing Wipes provide a convenient, hygienic alternative for dry or soakless pedicures. Recommended for technicians, foot care nurses, senior or geriatric homecare pedicures, these strong, durable wipes are safe for all skin types and contain no fragrance, scents or alcohol—without dehydrating the skin. 

Before you cleanse

Before the pedicure begins, examine the client’s toenails, the bottom of the feet (specifically the heels) and check the skin between the toes. Make note of any irregularities on the Footlogix Pedicure Information Form. If there is any evidence of cuts, sores, ulcers or infections, refer the client to a medical practitioner.

After care

Catching issues such as cuts, blisters, scratches, redness and swelling can prevent serious complications later, so ask your client to examine their feet at home at least once a week and recommend the appropriate Footlogix mousse for daily at home use. Scaling and/or peeling between the toes and around the soles is often an indication of athlete’s foot and a discolored toenail may indicate a nail fungus. Nail polish should be avoided on an infected nail as this could possibly make the problem worse.

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