Cracked Heel Remedies

15 April, 2020

Our feet carry us around for a lifetime. In fact, our heels absorb more than 600 metric tons of force and strike the ground 10,000 times a day—that equates to nearly four times around the Earth! It’s no wonder that nearly 85% of people suffer from foot or foot-related conditions. And among them, are feet with deeply cracked heels and fissures.  Cracked heels are not only painful and unsightly, but when heels are deeply cracked, this thicker skin of the feet is no longer able to function as a barrier from infection, putting your health at risk. So, it’s important to use effective cracked heel remedies that work quickly to heal deep heel cracks and hydrate to restore healthy heels and feet.

What Causes Cracked Heels?

Today’s lifestyle changes compared to the past are having a major impact on the health of the feet. Coupled with dry feet, obesity, poor circulation, poorly fitting shoes and standing for long periods of time are all contributors to cracked heels. As we stand, our weight puts pressure on our heels’ fat pads, causing the skin to expand. If the heel skin is extremely dry, it doesn’t have the elasticity to accommodate the expansion and deeply cracked heels may develop. 
However, it’s important to recognize that deeply cracked heels that split and bleed are different than the superficial heel cracks found in dry, rough or scratchy feet. In these cases, the superficial cracks are actually microtears in the skin. Knowing the difference will help you choose a treatment specifically formulated for your particular foot issues. For example, dry, rough or scratchy skin may be the result of a fungal infection, which requires a different treatment than deeply cracked heels. The Footlogix® Rough Skin Formula is an anti-fungal formula that includes anti-fungal agents, and a smaller concentration of moisturizing ingredients than what is typically found in cracked heel remedies.

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How to Fix Cracked Heels: The Solution

If you’re already suffering from severely cracked heels that split and bleed, a Footlogix® professional pedicure is the best first treatment step. In addition to soaking, exfoliating, treating calluses and cuticles and moisturizing the feet, the pedicurist will apply the Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula which is proven to give transformational results you can see and feel immediately on extremely callused, deeply split, cracked heels.
Why is Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula the best cracked heel solution? First, Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula uses the proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology® (DIT) to deliver specially formulated ingredients, such as a higher concentration of Urea to deliver maximum hydration and draw moisture to cracked heels, evening primrose oil and aloe to improve the structure of the skin and heal deep heel cracks, and to prevent future heel cracks. The formula’s intense hydrating and softening properties can actually heal deep cracks and fissures in just a few days.
Another important feature of Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula is that it won’t seal the skin with occlusive oils. This is especially important for diabetic clients, as a lack of transpiration (perspiration) can actually cause the skin to break down, exacerbating cracked heel issues.
After your professional pedicure appointment, continue treatment with the Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula at home. Just apply a walnut-sized amount of the soft and fluffy mousse formula and massage into cracked heels and dry feet twice a day for two weeks and once daily for continued cracked heel care. Footlogix® mousse formulas contain no drying alcohol or fragrances to irritate and promote dry, cracked skin. All Footlogix® products are safe for use on diabetics, seniors and those who are immune-compromised—groups that frequently suffer from dry feet and extremely cracked heels.

Cracked heel prevention

Once deep heel cracks are healed, the focus should turn to cracked heel prevention. Essentially cracked heel prevention is dry skin prevention—keeping heel skin hydrated, supple and elastic is the best defense against cracked heels. In addition to the Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula, Footlogix® has three other moisturizing solutions: Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula, Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula and Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula. Each contains specific ingredients and concentrations of ingredients to optimally target dry feet and cracked heel issues. Your Footlogix® pedicurist can recommend the right treatment for you for continued cracked heel prevention.

Cracked Heels Remedy

How to Fix Cracked Heels: The Solution.