How to Remove Dry Skin on the Feet?

02 April, 2020

Is Dry Skin on the Feet a Problem?

Yes! Certainly, rough, scratchy, dry skin on the feet is unsightly and uncomfortable, but it’s more than just a nuisance. If left unchecked, extremely dry feet skin can result in serious health consequences for many people, especially for individuals with diabetes who frequently lack adequate blood flow to the extremities, making the skin on the feet dry and frail.
How can a little dry feet skin lead to serious consequences? Dry skin on the feet promotes micro-tears (small openings in the skin) which impact the skin’s ability to perform its main function: protection. Untreated, dry skin on the feet can potentially lead to bacterial, fungal or viral infections which can result in open, slow-to-heal lesions or, in severe cases, foot amputation or even death. In order to properly protect the feet from bacteria, fungi or viruses, feet must be healthy, hydrated and callus and crack-free.

Treating Dry Skin on the Feet

To properly treat dry skin on the feet, it’s particularly important to use dry skin remedies that deeply penetrate thick callused, dry skin and add moisture, not oil, to dry feet. Effective dry feet remedies may also contain ingredients to treat underlying issues (such as athlete’s foot) which can present as dry skin. Fortunately, Footlogix® has developed an extensive line of moisturizing foot care products that hydrate and restore extremely dry skin on the feet, without occluding or impeding the natural functions of the skin.
The most effective way to treat dry skin on the feet is to start with a professional Footlogix pedicure. During the pedicure, the pedicurist will soak dry feet, use a stainless steel file to remove dead skin (if necessary), and apply the right Footlogix® moisturizing formula for your needs. After the pedicure, the pedicurist will recommend the right Footlogix dry skin remedies to use at home. Most people will see and feel an improvement in their dry feet skin in only a week of regular use. In fact, Footlogix® dry skin remedies are so effective, that explains why Footlogix® is the foot care brand of choice in salons and spas in over seventy countries!

Footlogix® mousse-based Formulas for Dry Feet

Footlogix® mousse-based, dry feet solutions are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and Footlogix® delivery system using proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology®  carries active ingredients deep into the layers of the epidermis specifically targeting dry skin on the feet and delivers fast long-lasting results. Unlike cream-based formulas, Footlogix® mousse formulas are soft and fluffy and contain no drying alcohol or fragrances to irritate dry feet skin. All Footlogix® products are safe for use on diabetics, seniors and those who are immune-compromised—groups that frequently suffer from extremely dry feet.
To use, simply shake the product well and massage a walnut-sized amount to clean, dry feet twice a day for treatment (the first two weeks) and once daily for continued home care, paying special attention to the heels and soles and in between the toes of the feet

Footlogix® Dry Skin Remedies

Footlogix offers four formulas in its moisturizing foot care range, each containing specific ingredients and concentrations of ingredients to optimally target dry feet skin issues. If you have any questions about which Footlogix® dry skin formula will deliver the best and fastest results for you, ask your foot care professional or contact Footlogix®. Footlogix® will be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the right product to remove dry skin on the feet.

  1. Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse

Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse offers double defence foot care protection. Anti-ageing and rejuvenating, this super-hydrating mousse delivers transformational results to heal dry skin on the feet. In addition to urea to lock in moisture, Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse formula also contains Spiraleen®, a Footlogix®-proprietary ingredient which provides highly efficacious anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial properties—delivering optimal levels of cell protection, and regeneration to dry skin on the feet without disrupting the skin’s natural flora. Considered the best moisturizer for feet, his formula is also recommended for people with skin irritations and is excellent when used at night before bed.

  1. Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula

Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula is for normal to dry skin on the feet. With its quickly absorbing formula, this mousse leaves no greasy residue and provides dry feet with notably more moisture and resistance. This mousse formula is safe for all skin types, contains urea to lock in moisture and, when used daily, provides immediate, hydrating results for dry feet.

  1. Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula

Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula is aimed at the care, protection and hydration of extremely dry skin on the feet. Clinically proven to moisturize and restore very dry feet, this formula contains urea to ensure maximum moisture gets locked into the skin, leaving younger-looking, softer feet without hindering the skin’s natural functions. The Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula is recommended for diabetics and seniors as part of a daily maintenance routine.

  1. Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula

Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula is for severely dry, deeply cracked heels, fissures, and rhagades. This formula is recommended for anyone who has unsightly, painful, cracked heels or uncomfortable callused skin or anyone who suffers from very dry skin on the feet. (Note, this formula should not be used when heel cracks are superficial). The Cracked Heel Formula contains urea to lock in moisture, as well as evening primrose oil to improve the skin’s structure and heal fissures on extremely dry feet within days when used twice daily.