A Beginner’s Guide to Foot Care from Footlogix®

28 April, 2020

Our feet take a beating daily—striking the ground 10,000 times a day and absorbing more than 600 metric tons of force. In reality, most people will walk about 115,000 miles in their lifetime! In addition to lifestyle factors, such as age and activity levels, medical conditions (like diabetes) and even different weather conditions of a region, play a role in the condition of the feet.

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Unfortunately, most people skip everyday foot care and completely neglect their feet—which can have serious consequences. Without proper foot care, feet frequently become dry, cracked, painful and even susceptible to infection. These issues are especially important to avoid by people with poor circulation, nerve issues or other immunocompromised conditions, such as diabetes, that may result in slow healing.

If you are not aware, this beginner’s guide to foot care will provide all the foot care tips you’ll need to get your feet healthy and into shape, including recommendations for Footlogix® products that will have you well on your way to successfully caring for your feet at home.

Foot Care Tip #1:  Understand the importance of everyday foot care.

This may not seem like a foot care tip, but it’s an important one! However, to effectively perform this function, the skin on the feet must be injury-free, healthy and hydrated.
Consistent at-home foot care not only protects the feet from infection, but also allows you to look for Consistent at-home foot care not only protects the feet from infection, it also gives you the opportunity to look for significant changes in your feet, such as toenail or skin changes, or new fungal infections, which can lead to greater complications if not addressed immediately and/or may require a visit to a foot care professional or doctor.

Foot Care Tip #2: Start with a professional pedicure.

Speaking of a professional pedicure, the most important foot care tip for anyone beginning an at-home foot care routine is to begin with a good foundation—a professional pedicure. The Footlogix® Professional Pedicure is delivered by a trained, professional pedicurist who will first consult with you to identify your foot care concerns, medical conditions or allergies, followed by a visual foot and leg evaluation. The pedicurist will soak the feet, exfoliate the feet and legs, reduce calluses, trim and clean under the toenails, treat cuticles, and moisturize the skin—all with Footlogix® products specially selected to address your particular foot care needs.
A professional pedicure not only ensures your feet are healthy, it gets them into optimum condition, and also provides you with a “template” for good at-home foot care. Most importantly, a Footlogix®-trained pedicurist has the education and experience to recommend the right Footlogix® products to continue everyday foot care at home.

Foot Care Tip #3: Use professional-grade foot care products.

Most foot care products widely available at the drug store and elsewhere, deliver “feel good” results that are temporary. Often, these products are heavy and greasy and contain aggressive ingredients and fragrances. These formulas leave a sticky residue and can occlude the skin and cause irritation. This is why another important foot care tip is to only use professional-quality foot care products, such as Footlogix®, that are proven to deliver transformational results.
All Footlogix® foot care products are non-aggressive, restorative and safe for diabetics, users with skin sensitivities, and seniors. Each is formulated with patented Footlogix® foot care technology, such as Footlogix® Dermal Infusion Technology®, which quickly delivers superior ingredients deep into the layers of the skin through a unique, fast-acting and cost-effective, mousse-based formula. Footlogix® makes everyday foot care a breeze with products that are quick and easy for anyone to use and have hygienic applicators that keep containers from getting contaminated, increasing the product’s shelf life. Footlogix® offers an entire home foot care range, which includes moisturizing, anti-microbial, and specialty solutions, as well as everything you need for an at-home pedicure.

Foot Care Tip #4: Soak the feet…but not too long!

When caring for your feet at home, a best practice is to start with a brief foot soak. Simply add a moisturizing foot soak, such as the Footlogix® Foot Soak Concentrate, to lukewarm (not hot) water and immerse the feet for 5-7 minutes. (If you’re a diabetic, limit soak time to 3-5 minutes as extended soaking will open up small cracks in the skin and strip the skin of natural oil.) This step cleanses the feet and prepares them for treatment. The Footlogix® Foot Soak Concentrate is a pH-balanced formula that contains urea and anti-microbial ingredients to soften rough skin and calluses. It’s hydrating formula is so soft and gentle, it can even be used as an overall body wash to foster silky, well-hydrated skin.

Foot Care Tip #5: Exfoliate feet regularly

After soaking, another great foot care tip is to exfoliate the feet regularly using a professional foot scrub. The Footlogix® Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub is a great choice. It’s formulated with the highest grade organic Laminaria seaweed, polished pumice and essential oils—such as lemongrass, Vitamin E oil, spearmint and mandarin. Use a circular motion to massage the scrub on to the feet and legs, paying special attention to dry and rough areas, such as the heels and balls of the feet. Then rinse.
For calluses, apply the Footlogix® Callus Softener and allow it to absorb for two to three minutes. Then use the Footlogix® Sanitizable At Home Foot File. This lightweight, double-sided, multi-directional tool delivers amazing results and is easy to use and clean at home. Start by filing your calluses with the coarse side of the file, then finish with the fine side to smooth rough edges. It’s not necessary to rinse off the product, as it will continue to hydrate long after the treatment is completed.
For best results, as another foot care tip, exfoliate at least once a week.

Foot Care Tip #6: Moisturize the feet every day.

This footcare tip is extremely important—keep your feet moisturized! Why? Because extremely dry feet are uncomfortable and prone to microtears and deep cracks that are entryways for bacteria; while hydrated skin is supple, pliable, strong, and free from pain or injury. Footlogix® offers a variety of moisturizing solutions designed to solve particular issues, as well as provide anti-aging and rejuvenating results. Footlogix® at-home moisturizing products include: Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse, Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula, Footlogix ® Very Dry Skin Formula and Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula.
Simply use a walnut size amount of the mousse and massage the appropriate formula onto the feet, paying special attention to dry areas and between the toes. The mousse is absorbed quickly into the layers of the epidermis, hydrating the skin without leaving any greasy residue.
Ask your Footlogix® pedicurist to recommend the right formula for you. Then massage into feet every day as part of a daily at-home foot care maintenance program.

Foot Care Tip #7: Follow-up with your pedicurist.

Follow these everyday, at-home foot care tips and your feet will be in tiptop shape in no time. However, professional pedicures still play an important role in keeping the feet injury-free, healthy and hydrated—especially for individuals whose conditions require closely monitoring the condition of the feet. If you’re otherwise healthy, consider a quarterly professional pedicure for a professional assessment and to “reset” your amazing, at-home results. If you have specific foot issues or suffer from certain medical conditions, your pedicurist may recommend you return for a pedicure every 3-6 weeks.

7 Foot Care Tips by Footlogix