Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub

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Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub

Formulated with the highest grade, imported, organic micro-algae, this unique formula is optimally blended with essential oils and polished pumice to exfoliate the skin without being abrasive.  It can also be used as a detoxifying mask. Hygienic pump dispenser helps to prevent contamination.

SIZE: 946 ml / 32 fl. oz.
UPC: 694419431410
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A rejuvenating foot scrub in your pedicure service will be a value-add. Make sure the scrub you are using is non-abrasive. The Footlogix scrub gently exfoliates and keeps the skin of the feet hydrated.

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That smell
Jodie Johnson

Have you ever been affected by nose crack?! Well, this heavenly product did this to me! The first month of using the scrub, I was smelling my clients feet as i was using it. LoL Some looked at me funny, others wanted to get a closer smell as well! This product not only smells amazing, but does wonders for exfoliating dry skin from the feet. Hands down my favorite Footlogix product.


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