Back-to-school! Mothers are you ready?

The back-to-school season could stress out even the most organized mom.

Here are some tips for mothers while getting ready for the new school year. 

backtoschool-banner-300x2231. Skincare of the feet

Look after the skin on your face and also on your feet – both have been in the sun a lot 

2. Develop a foot care routine:  

Still have those calluses on your heels because of what you have been wearing all summer? Now is the time to get ready for closed in shoes  – so – take the time to use your Footlogix® products every day – build it into your routine 

3. The right shoes 

Kids need new shoes for school – make sure to find shoes that they like, are in your budget and also which fit properly 

4. Foot care for sports:  

Teenagers are involved in gym classes and school sports – give them Footlogix Shoe Deodorant both in the shoes and also in the gym bag. Keep a can by the back door where everyone takes off their shoes. Watch this short video to say goodbye to foot and shoe odor!

5. Time management is key

Routine is important – schedule time for your kids’ activities and don’t forget to schedule time for yourself too

6. Reward yourself for all the hard work 

You have been busy juggling work and your kids all summer – it is time to reward yourself with a pedicure

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