09 July, 2022

Walking Barefoot In The Sand

Nothing means summer like family trips to the beach and long walks in the sand. There is something healing when we connect to nature and move our toes in the sand. Read six benefits to going barefoot on the beach and exercising your feet in the sand.

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03 August, 2021

Tips on How to Prevent Calluses and Corns

Calluses and corns make it difficult to walk without pain. What can you do to stop corns and calluses from forming?

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08 March, 2021

A Guide to an “At Home” Pedicure

Can’t make it to the salon? It’s time we practice self care!

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04 January, 2021

Things To Do for Tired Legs and Sore Feet

Do your legs frequently feel heavy and tired? Are your feet often sore? Learn why, as well as some tips and tricks for treating tired legs and sore feet.

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11 December, 2020

Why the Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula is the Best Foot Care Mousse

If your daily foot care routine doesn’t include the Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula…it should!

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11 November, 2020

Five Reasons Why Footlogix® is the Best Foot Care Brand

The search for the very best foot care products ends with Footlogix®.

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07 October, 2020

Foot Care for Men. Your Complete Guide

Must-know foot care tips for men. Click to read more.

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01 September, 2020

Ways to Get Rid of Tired Legs

What causes heavy, tired legs and the best treatment for them.

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15 July, 2020

The Benefits of Urea in Foot Cream

Urea is a safe and highly effective ingredient for foot care. Learn why and how it is used in foot care.

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09 June, 2020

Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Athlete’s Foot

Everything you need to know about athlete’s foot and how to get rid of it

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28 April, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Foot Care from Footlogix®

Get healthy, beautiful feet with Footlogix® with the help of these top 7 tips for everyday foot care

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15 April, 2020

Cracked Heel Remedies

What causes cracked heels? How can you fix them? Get your answers here.

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02 April, 2020

How to Remove Dry Skin on the Feet?

Removing dry skin on the feet is more important than you may think. Read on to learn why, as well as the most effective products to get rid of dry skin on the feet.

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19 February, 2020

Mousse Vs Cream

Why Footlogix® mousse formulas deliver transformational results compared to conventional foot creams

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01 January, 2020

Two Ways to Combat Foot Odor

Smelly feet can be an issue every season. Find out how to keep your feet healthy and odor-free.

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07 October, 2019

Top Five Qualities of A Superior Pedicure

A successful salon pedicure is more than just pretty feet. Here's what to look out for during your next pedicure.

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26 July, 2019

Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula or Rough Skin Formula?

Choose the correct Footlogix® product to deliver the best result.

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20 June, 2019

Foot Care for Every Climate

Typical weather in a region plays a notable role in the condition of the feet.

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16 May, 2019

Five Things to Know About Foot Fungus

Foot fungus: Easy to get but not fun to have. Footlogix answers top five questions about this common foot condition.

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15 June, 2018

A Mile in My Shoes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually walk in someone else’s shoes? To get a glimpse of another person’s life from where they stand?  Well you are in luck!

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19 April, 2018

The History of Pedicures

Pedicures have evolved from ancient Egypt to modern day. Learn how lifestyle changes have impacted foot care needs.

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01 March, 2018

Winter Warrior

Making the Most of Winter Sports with Footlogix. Whatever you need to do to enjoy some exercise this season, make sure you take the right steps to prepare your body.

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16 November, 2017

Diabetes Awareness Month: Optimal Care for Diabetic Feet

Whether you are a client or a technician, here is all you need to know about Diabetic feet.

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19 October, 2017

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Fall With Footlogix

Like it or not, it’s time to say sayonara to sandals and farewell to your favourite flip flops for another season.

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15 June, 2017

National Flip-Flop Day

That just shows how popular flip-flops are in North America and around the world. However, they can cause damage to your feet when worn all the time.

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27 October, 2016

Ingredients Matter – Why some products work better than others?

When considering which products to use for which season, it is important to understand what each product is and how it works.

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11 July, 2016

Walking Barefoot In The Sand-Benefits And Pitfalls

Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of barefoot beach walks in this blog post.

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17 June, 2016

A Solution To Dry, Cracked Heels

This is largely due to high fluctuations in blood glucose levels that cause damage to blood vessels and lead to lower limb circulatory problems.

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06 April, 2016

Spring Is In The Air

With Spring comes an increase in energy and vitality along with a lift in mood, a feeling of moving forward.

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11 October, 2015

Back-to-School! Mothers Are You Ready?

Here are some tips for mothers while getting ready for the new school year.

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10 October, 2015

Off To College? Are You And Your Kids Prepared?

If your kids have been accepted into college and have their major and financial aid sorted, they must be itching to get their bags packed. But are you 100% ready?

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14 September, 2015

Hello Fall! What Does It Mean For The Skin On Our Feet?

What does Fall mean for the skin of our feet?

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10 September, 2015

From Sandals To Closed Shoes

5 foot care tips to move from sandals to closed shoes.

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