Tips To Boost Your Pedicure Business During Back-To-School

17 August, 2017

Back to School is a Great Time to Boost Your Pedicure Business!

Do you know? According to the National Retail Federation, retail consumers end up spending up to $83.6 billion during this time of the year! Now that’s a great opportunity for your salon or spa business!

For many of your customers, the year revolves around their kids’ routine and really begins when they are going back-to-school. It isn’t the end of the pedicure season – we are just getting started!

There is an incredible amount of sales potential at this time to leverage your pedicure business. Footlogix® will help you achieve that.

Six Ways to Increase Sales This Fall

1. Assess Your Coordinates. Where Are You Located?

  • Offer Student Specials! Is your salon or spa located in a college/university town? Display simple, yet highly visible signage offering student pedi-specials on those slower, mid-week days.
  • Offer TEAM Specials! Is your salon/spa around a community centre or sports complex? Whether basketball, volleyball, football or even the cheerleaders for these sports, decorate your spa or salon in school colours and fill up your pedicure chairs with a whole team of clients!
  • Spa Parties Rule! Do you have a mobile salon/spa service? As dorm rules permit, offer your on-site services for girls to host a college spa party in their own dorm room! Encourage participation by offering the organizer a free pedicure, for every X number of regular student-priced services.

2. Identify Your Demographics

  • Dive into your customer database. What is the average age of your customers? Do you have more women coming in for pedicure services? Are they working parents or stay-at-home parents? Make them feel that they deserve a break. Use marketing collateral both digital and in print to put the word out for your salon specials.

3. Set Up Displays of Your Best Foot Care Products

  • ● Dorms, lockers, poolside etc. are prime spots for fungal infections. Feature retail products for dry feet, foot and shoe odour and anti-fungal/anti-microbial formulas to provide skin protection in public areas. The Foot and Shoe Deodorants perform well for all athletes, keeping shoes fresh in lockers, no embarrassing odours with team mates, etc. Use them during a professional pedicure service and send your clients home with them.
  • Introduce retail footcare products to your customers during a full pedicure service. Foot Deodorant spray is best used right before the evaluation step to disinfect your clients’ feet. While clients’ feet are soaking, the Shoe Deodorant can be sprayed right on the targeted area, to kill odor causing bacteria in shoes. Apply a good moisturizing product like the DD Cream Mousse or Very Dry Skin Formula right after the repair stage to rejuvenate the feet. Watch how to conduct a full professional pedicure here.

4. Kick it up a Notch for Your Business!

  • Make the most of local search on Google. List yourself under the Google Business if you haven’t already. Manage how your business information appears on Google, including Search and Maps, using Google My Business—for FREE.
  • Post the Back-to-School offers on your website. Search engine crawlers will pick up these to appear when consumers search for pedicure spas around the area on their mobile devices or computers.
  • If you’re set up for on-line retailing, gift certificates can be printed and tucked into those much anticipated ‘gift from mom’ homecare packages.

5. Use Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns to Spread Your Back- to-School Specials

  • Don’t limit your posts to merely your personal page or company page. Take advantage of all the Facebook groups in which you are a part of within your locality. Discover and explore ‘Buy and sell’ groups, private and public groups, where you can advertise your back-to-school specials.
  • Create posters on Pinterest and Instagram to attract more followers
  • Create Instagram stories of your customers’ experience after a pedicure and publish them
  • Create a call-to-action button in your email campaigns for your customers to book an appointment online

6. Feature Promotions That Your Customers Cannot Refuse:

  • “Back-to-school blues? Bond with your daughter with our ‘Mom and me pedi-specials.’ Book now!”
  • “You’ve been on your feet all summer! Treat them to a luxurious pedicure. Book your appointment now!”
  • Add social humour: “Congrats! You survived the summer with the kids! Pamper your feet with a Footlogix pedicure. Book now for an early bird discount!”

Footlogix would love to hear about your back-to-school pedi-specials. Send in your comments! Don’t miss reading about the new and improved Footlogix Foot and Shoe Deodorants.

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