How to Care For Runners' Feet

18 September, 2017

marathon-450x299-(1).jpgRunning as a sport has become a true lifestyle for many. Clients visiting your salon, spa or clinic are serious runners of ultra-marathons, marathons, half marathons, 10ks, or 5ks and their feet will make or break their goals of this sport.

A good technician becomes just as important as a coach!

Professional foot care for runners is now a specialized service. You can capitalize on the service if you are well informed about their foot conditions.

Runners do not generally come in for pedicures because their feet are in bad shape. They think that’s just the way it is and settle for black or missing toenails, blisters, foot fungus, foot odour, foot pain, and leg pain. These are all a part of the trauma caused by the effects of running.

Let’s start with:

The Black Toenail

This is caused by bleeding under the nail, also called sub-ungual hematoma. Much like slamming your finger in a door, this is the jamming of toes against the top of the shoe over and over, causing severe bruising.

This can be due to running style, a shoe not properly fit or a shoe not designed for that particular foot.

A traumatized nail is always more susceptible to onychomycosis or nail fungus. You can help correct this ongoing problem by recommending the Footlogix Nail Tincture Spray. The Panthenol and Avocado Oil will assist in growing back a healthy shiny nail.

While performing a pedicure, special care should be taken when cutting runners’ nails. If there is fresh bleeding from under the nail, the pedicure should not be performed until the bleeding has stopped and the area has healed.

Ingrown Toenails

Proper trimming of the toenail is crucial! Never round the edge, or cut the corners off. This can lead to extremely painful ingrown toenails, fungus, foot pain, as well as leg pain.


Probably, one of the most common problems what runners face is blisters that are caused by friction from improper shoe fit, improper lacing of shoe or a shoe not designed for that particular foot. If blisters develop during a run, they can stay intact or break.

Never pop a blister!

Punctured blisters or the removal of that protective skin layer can lead to an infection. If the skin is open, do not proceed with service. Proper cleaning and dressing, as with any wound is necessary. Footlogix DD Cream Mousse will assist in faster healing due to anti-microbial properties of the bioactive patented Spirulina. When used daily, prior to running, the DD Cream Mousse with its Dermal Infusion Technology will act as a skin protectant and prevent this type of skin irritation.

Tinea pedis (foot fungus)

Runners often suffer from a foot fungus and are not aware of this problem. It can look like dry rough skin, or damp, moist peeling skin. It is important for the professional to recognize it, as peeling skin of the foot often gets confused with dry skin and needs an anti-fungal, not a moisturizer. Both these conditions are easily treated with either the Footlogix Rough Skin Formula or the Peeling Skin Formula. These formulas contain an effective anti-fungal agent. The Rough Skin Formula provides the moisture the skin needs, while the Peeling Skin Formula provides the necessary relief of itching and burning due to the athlete's foot. Once this has been remedied, you can now recommend the use of Footlogix Daily Maintenance Formula

Foot and Shoe Odour

This problem can occur from not properly drying shoes from sweat, running in the rain, trail runs through water or improper ventilation. In any case, feet that smell unpleasant are never welcome! For shoes, Footlogix Shoe Deodorant is proven effective for killing odour causing bacteria with refreshing Tea-tree oil. This formula will not harm shoes, and has a refreshing fragrance. Footlogix Foot Deodorant is proven effective to kill odour-causing bacteria with refreshing Tea-tree oil and Menthol that cool and soothe the feet.

Overdoing it!

Footlogix Tired Leg Formula has “vaso-active” properties that are essential for runners who have done too much in one day, directly affecting and improving the micro circulation of the skin. It is important to use the formula daily, or at least several days before and after a race. Using before a long run will help prepare your clients’ legs, as well as help in recovery after a race or long run.

Winter Training

Some of us don’t have the luxury of warm weather all year round. It is so crucial to care for feet properly in cold weather. Footlogix Cold Feet Formula is proven effective to improve circulation. Blood flow to runners’ feet is so important since the foot bears all the stress of every step. The formula also can be used on a daily basis or for several days before and after long runs.

A full marathon is over 26,000 steps or strikes to the ground and that does not include your regular, daily activity.

That’s a lot of steps and trauma!

How do runners become a loyal client? Learn to recognize their issues and determine how you can help improve their performance and recovery. By doing so, you leave a lasting impression and will have a returning customer.

Have any of your clients experienced any of these problems? Inform Footlogix about it – in the comments section!

Contributed by Sandi Vigliotti (Footlogix Fan and marathon runner)

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