Why Practice Still Makes Perfect

25 January, 2017

We would like to start off the New Year with a post focussed more on the business side. We are all familiar with the cliché “practice makes perfect”, and we know that the more you do something, the better you will become at it. We stopped and thought to ourselves maybe this phrase should encompass more than just technique and practical? With the vastly changing demographic landscapes, the demand for pedicure services has grown beyond just technique and pretty toes. Today, there is a much greater need for pedicurists with advance training and soft skills.

As a technician, you may be impeccable at making nails look ‘healthy and happy’, however, there are many areas where you can utilize skills to achieve greater benefits. Here are some areas where we can always use some practice:

Practice the Three R’s: Recognize, Recommend, Refer



Today’s clients are looking for knowledgeable nail technicians. Customers are asking more questions about ingredients in the products and how/why they work. Plus, your clients want to have their issues addressed. For example, problems such as dry cracked skin; this can only happen when the technicians can recognize skin and nail disorders. Continuously educating yourself on best practices is a great reminder as to what people are looking for and what is changing in the industry. How often do you check the Footlogix Website for updates or continuing education? NASP classes offer excellent advanced education across North America. It is also extremely important, as a pedicurist, that you recognize minor skin conditions and recommend appropriate products for use at home.


Sales Pitch

It may seem daunting, but you are doing your clients a favour by offering products that can help improve their nails while they are not in a professional’s hand. Sometimes, people need to see the results to believe the product is worth purchasing. The Footlogix Consultation Form will help you with addressing your client’s needs and making the recommendation an easy process.


During the service, you can educate the client on the importance of regular visits to improve the health of their feet. It is good practice to add a closing statement that allows you to ensure the client’s return. You could say something along the lines of “We have been quite busy at the salon lately, to ensure you have a time that works best for you, let’s book your next appointment now.” The important thing is to ensure you don’t sound like you are being pushy, but that you genuinely care about your clients and the health of their feet. Don’t forget to use the Footlogix Home Care Form to inform and instruct your client on proper home care, product use, and return visit.


Saying No

As technicians, we do not diagnose. It is important to understand when to refer to ensure the client is safe. There are conditions under which you must refuse to give a service to a client according to your scope of practice. Examples are open sores, bacterial infection, rashes and abrasions on the skin.

The great thing about Footlogix products is that they allow you, the technician, to help alleviate or eliminate skin and nail problems without having to make a diagnosis. For example, if the skin looks very dry with some superficial cracking, scaling or roughness, there should be no problem doing the pedicure service. After the pedicure service Footlogix Rough Skin Formula Mousse should be recommended for “at-home” daily use.

Customer Service

With the multitude of salons and spas, our clients have several options. Keep them coming back with impeccable customer service. Go beyond the traditional service and make the guest experience once they want to return again and again. Practice service with a smile, offer up a beverage of choice, be present for their full service, always be impeccable with your service and be honest. Do not sell a product they don’t need, if you don’t know the answer admit it, and do not gossip about others.

Social Media

Salon and Spas are now marketing themselves on multiple social media platforms, in turn generating new clients. People are Instagramming their latest polish colors and designs, Snapchatting when they are at the salon and giving reviews for technicians on Facebook and Google. It is always a good practice to ensure you are communicating and engaging with your following. For your loyal clients, this could mean following them back, or tagging them in your photos. This way, people can see how proud you are of your work and how happy you’ve made your client. As well, it is good practice to educate yourself on which social media platform people are using most for nail techs. Here are some interesting statistics on social media use from NAILS Magazine. Are you connected?

 Nails Magazine – 2015 Research Study

Practice makes perfect