Social Media Success with Your Salon

07 September, 2023

Social media can be complicated to navigate, especially with the constantly changing algorithms. With social media best practices constantly changing, it can be difficult to determine how to position your salon/spa or clinic to followers and interested customers.

Choose the right platforms

What are your goals? Determining these will help to establish which platforms will allow you to reach your clientele. A place to start is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has an incredibly large user base and is still ranked as the largest social networking site and supports a wider range of content formats. Instagram emphasizes photo and video sharing and is more mobile-friendly. From there, other platforms to consider would be Twitter (for communicating and staying connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages), Pinterest (for inspiration sharing and idea building), LinkedIn (for connecting and networking with professionals), YouTube (for sharing content in video format) and TikTok (for short-form videos).

Post Engaging Content

These days short-form videos have become the most engaged and viewed form of content on social media. These videos generally range between 60-90 seconds. They allow users to view a condensed form of information  in a minute. Short-form video content is most popular in TikTok videos, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Today’s audience is busier than ever with our supersized, fast-paced lifestyles. It is important to ensure your content is relevant to your target audience. Creating a specific tone and image to your salon/spa and/or clinic’s brand is essential in people remembering, sharing, and revisiting your pages.

Captioning the content is very important. This is how your business will present itself through photo and/or video. This is an opportunity to ensure people take away exactly what you want from the page. You can also keep the conversation going in the comments section of your post. Allowing people and followers to know you are building a connection and do support peoples inquiries and concerns.  
You can also add links to purchase directly (if you have an ecommerce website and retail products). This gives the client/end user an opportunity to purchase directly from their devices.

Remember, your work is your content. Document as much as you can, and as frequently as you can. Ask your client(s) if they are okay being photographed. Share your documented work on your social media pages. At Footlogix, we love to share before and after images we receive or are tagged in. We see how much of an impact these results can have on our page and we find they work tremendously well with our audience. Consider your page and content your portfolio pieces.

Click to View Example - BTS - Dry Foot Demo 

Instagram for example, can be a difficult place with songs, trends, algorithms, etc. Post the content you enjoy creating. Your audience will relate to your own unique style and your page will grow organically.

Click to View Example -  Mousse VS Cream - 125ml 

Engage with your audience and fellow businesses regularly. Find creators who produce content for the same niche as you. This creates building a community overtime.

Click to View Example -  Foot Care Tip - Cutting Toenails 

Add a Contact Us and/or Book Now ButtonSeptember-Education-Thumbnail-2023.jpg

These features can turn into a variety of call-to-action buttons. You can have
individuals reach out through email, phone or even link to your schedule/booking service. This gives the follower control over how they would like to engage and interact with your business. It also offers people the ability to ask questions directly, instead of in comments on posts.

Maintain a thick skin, not everyone on social media is polite. Some users might leave a nasty comment, and this is okay. There is no need to engage. You always have the option to block anyone who you feel is behaving crudely.

Social media should be fun, but it is important to remember that the salon/spa/clinic’s content should provide value to its followers. Ultimately, we all need to be entertaining, educational, and relatable in everything we post. The goal is having content be as shareable as possible so everyone can see it while building a community and relationship with your followers.

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