Cuticle Care

13 September, 2022

The nail cuticle is one of the most commonly misunderstood parts of the nail. Regardless if you know what the cuticle is exactly, you most certainly know when it’s not right. Dry, hardened skin around the toenails and dead skin growing up onto the toenail bed is unsightly at best. (In fact, cuticle on the nail bed can even prevent nail polish from adhering to the nail!) At worst, bad cuticles can be painful and bleed and even present a risk for people with certain medical conditions (such as diabetes).

No matter where your cuticle concerns lie on the spectrum, keeping the proximal nail fold hydrated and healthy is the remedy.


What makes the Footlogix® Cuticle Conditioner different from regular lotion? The product is free of alcohol and synthetic oils. It contains natural active ingredients that perform specific functions, such as:

  • CoQ10: skin strengthener and antioxidant
  • Vitamin E: moisturizer and antioxidant
  • Aloe Vera: moisturizer/skin smoother; helps prevent infections and heal wounds
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: natural emollient which helps skin retain moisture
  • Lavender Oil: natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory; heals and soothes


During a professional pedicure, your Footlogix® pedicurist will use the Footlogix® Professional Cuticle Softener—a must have for cuticles on toes. Why?
  • Its gentle, non-aggressive, fast-acting formula contains urea which has the ability to absorb and retain moisture for long lasting results
  • The Footlogix® Cuticle Softener is so gentle, it does not need to be washed off
  • It naturally softens cuticles without stripping the surrounding skin of essential moisture and balance
  • Footlogix cuticle softener is especially helpful in comfortably clearing a deep nail fold
  • Your pedicurist will apply a small amount directly onto the cuticles and toenail after soaking the feet and then allow it to absorb for 60 seconds. Excess skin and debris can then be removed easily



Often clients come in complaining of a ‘ingrown toenail’ only for you, the professional, upon examination will see that the nail is in fact, not ‘ingrown’, ie: the skin is intact, but the nail curve is so pronounced that it creates a deep nail fold that collects all kinds of interesting debris, mostly compromised of dead skin. This impacted dead skin/debris in the nail fold is what causes such great discomfort to the client. Cuticle softener quickly softens the debris and nail fold so that that it can be efficiently and comfortably be cleared, bringing almost relief to the client.

With consistent professional services using effective, yet non-aggressive products, like the Footlogix® Cuticle Softener and Cuticle Conditioner, the cuticle will soften and heal without the need for forceful scraping and cutting with sharp implements.