How to Grow Your Business with Innovative Marketing Initiatives?

23 November, 2018

If you are currently offering Footlogix® pedicures in your salon or spa, then you know that getting clients to return is the easy part. Customers are so impressed with the transformational results of Footlogix® products that they frequently book their next appointment before leaving the salon. However, attracting new customers can be a challenge. Even if your salon or spa is in an excellent location, your website is google-optimized and brimming with positive reviews, and you regularly engage on social media, it can still be challenging to compel first-time clients to your door.
That’s where special offers can help. These strategies actively expand your salon’s reach and grow your pedicure business by attracting new clients and encouraging current clients to return. But be aware; one size does not fit it all. The most successful pedicure promotions are tailored to address the current and unique needs of the people in your area.

How do you tailor a special offer? Just put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. Consider where and how they work, what they do for fun, even the season of the year! Still not sure? To get you started, here are some sample offers designed to fit four simple scenarios commonly encountered by salons and spas.

Scenario #1: Your downtown salon or spa is near a large business district.

A bustling business district offers a concentrated area of office-based employees who generally work in typical business hours. After work, many will race home to their families—and away from your salon. A tailored offer should take advantage of a potential client’s captive time in town, which means it’s got to fit into a lunch hour. Offer an express pedicure service using the Footlogix® Cleansing Foot Wipes. These safe, gentle and hygienic wipes conveniently and effectively cleanse the feet before a soakless pedicure, allowing you to deliver the full Footlogix experience in less time. Make the service even quicker by skipping the polish (and dry time!) and instead offer a free mini bottle of nail lacquer to every first-time client. TheFootlogix pedicurist talks to customer about home care client can then polish and touch up their toe nails at home when not in a rush.

Scenario #2: It’s the middle of an especially harsh winter.

Winter can mean exceptionally dry and cracked heels. And these conditions are often made worse because feet can be hidden in socks and boots. While clients may be focused on aesthetics, they should be aware that, left unchecked, these conditions can lead to micro lesions, which can potentially lead to bacterial, fungal or viral infections. An effective winter promotion may tout how Footlogix products don’t just mask issues—they solve them! Consider offering a Cracked Heel Rescue or Dry Skin Solution package of three or more pedicures at a discounted rate. A discount will get new clients in your chair, the package will ensure they return, and the results will have clients telling their friends. Be sure to include plenty of amazing before and after pics of Footlogix® Cracked Heel and Footlogix ®Dry Skin Formulas on your website and in your promotional materials.

Scenario #3: The vacation season is right here, and your salon is in a beach town

Summer means sandal season and everyone wants to put their best foot forward. This is especially true if your salon or spa is near a resort area that sees an influx of visitors during vacation season. Unfortunately, many salons make the mistake of focusing their promotions on the area’s temporary guests. Why is this flawed strategy? Vacationers frequently get pedicures before they travel and if not, they are one-time clients, at best. Make the summer season all about the locals and think beyond pretty feet. For example, a great offer could entail a monthly drawing—open to local residents only—for a free Footlogix product. Or start a Referral Reward Program and give clients a free pedicure after a referred customer completes his third pedicure appointment. This will not only incentivize clients to share their positive Footlogix experience with friends and family but will also have them encouraging their referrals to stick with it to see the full results.

Scenario #4: A large retirement community is being built in the area.

Assisted living and retirement communities are popping up everywhere at an accelerated rate. These communities include many potential customers with two main issues: 1) over 90% suffer from one or more foot-related problems, and 2) many have a limited ability to travel outside of the facility for appointments without assistance. Footlogix products that are safe for seniors, diabetics and the immune-compromised are perfect for the geriatric client. In this scenario, a tailored promotion should first focus on how a Footlogix professional pedicure can address and/or accommodate common age-related foot issues, such as neuropathy, poor circulation, thin and fragile skin. Next, structure an offer that takes the pedicure to the client. Consider partnering with a retirement community or senior facility to schedule monthly pedicure events where senior residents can get regular pedicures onsite, without the need to travel. As a valuable perk, community management should be motivated to promote the service on your salon’s behalf.


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