Sales Techniques with Footlogix

18 October, 2023

Know Your Product

Think about what makes you as a customer decide on a purchase. Is it the packaging? The smell? The size? The price? Did this product go viral on social media? Could it be that it was recommended to you by a reliable source? At the end of the day, a lot of our purchases are based on whether it is a need, want or both. Sometimes it’s as simple as the most convenient path to get to the result. 
When looking at Footlogix, we have 4 key unique selling propositions that we use in majority of our materials and always keep this top of mind when speaking about the brand. They are:

  • World’s first and only Pediceutical foot care line

  • Non-occlusive (does not seal the skin)

  • Fast absorbing with no greasy residue

  • Revolutionary Dermal Infusion Technology

This highlights what makes us different from other brands. It becomes a conversation starter for those who may be unfamiliar or uneducated on what we have to offer. It allows for a deeper dive into what technology we use and why. It incorporates why we have the best ingredients and delivery system through our Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT).

Know Your Market

If you as a salon/spa or clinic sell a product or service that satisfies a need, then keep in mind you may not want to be totally driven by cost. Today’s customer is very savvy, and they are doing their research before making any purchase. Yes, people need your product/service, but it is your job to draw the attention and make them want to buy the product/service from you.
Help the customer see that your service is something they need to do because its unique.
If you are new and determining what price point the services should be listed, think about the following:

  • What is your target demographic

  • What is the age range you are looking to attract

  • What are the latest trends

  • Create an ideal customer persona

  • Research your competitors and what they offer

This market research can help you:

  • Reduce the risk when decision making

  • Identify possible new opportunities that are currently being missed

  • Better understand your clientele and their needs/wants

Competitive Advantage

Make sure your customers understand your entire menu and offerings. Are you a little bit more expensive than other salon/spas because you have a fantastic track record of customer service and reviews to back it up? This is something you want to highlight and use as a selling feature.
Do you have lots of experienced technicians/ foot care professionals and are able to show how this impacts the results they will receive? Again, you highlight and sell this feature of the business. Does your product or service offer something that your competitors don’t? This is very important! Anyone can walk into a salon and/or spa and receive a pedicure, but when you have the best foot care products and the most knowledgeable people, it cannot compare to a quick in-and-out approach. We believe there’s value in quality over quantity.

We pride ourselves on offering quality education regularly. One way that you can have a competitive advantage is taking part in our many months of education year-round at absolutely no cost. We started offering regular online education in 2020 and over the past few years we have noticed that those who take advantage of our education have the most success with Footlogix in their business. They are continuously ensuring they know how to use each product in any scenario a client brings into the salon, spa, or clinic and can have the conversation about home care and maintenance.

Sometimes you have people ask – why is your service different? It’s important not to be negative about your competitors. Just focus on what you can do for them and why you do it so well.


Sell the Opportunity

Ensure all staff are motivated to sell. Everyone should be able to communicate why purchasing a Footlogix product will save money, increase health, save time and energy. It’s important to show the customer the value in what they are receiving. It is a bonus if you can show how you have helped other people get happy, healthy feet with simply coming in for services and purchasing home care to use in-between appointments.

Listen to their needs when they walk in the door. Ask questions to better understand what they would like to walk away with. Ensure you listen 80% of the time and talk 20%. You cannot sell the opportunity if you do not know what is important to them.

The Footlogix home care pad is a great sales tool. It allows you to recommend products without being pushy. You can also direct the customer with instructions on how to use and get the best results. It also elevates the entire experience when the service can be customized to fit the needs of everyone.

Leverage Footlogix® Product Resources

The better informed you are on Footlogix® products and treatments, the better your chances of a successful service outcome and sale.
The best way to leverage our resources is by taking advantage of our monthly education. We have heard firsthand from customers that the more education they take, the better equipped they are when having the conversation about selling homecare.

For example, we have received feedback such as: “Education is dynamite and working with this brand has averaged our retail to service ratio as an average of 35% for each Esthetician.
This exemplifies how our education and training are part of our unique selling feature to the professionals. We are always here to help elevate the professional the best way we know how.
Footlogix® offers a variety of free resources designed to easily provide professionals with comprehensive information on every Footlogix® offering, including:

  • Digital Educational materials in the VIP Education Hub

  • Feature/benefit sheets for every product in the Footlogix® foot care line

  • Informative YouTube videos for Footlogix® products and services

  • Monthly webinars at no cost

  • So much more

If you have not already, please register your business on our website at the link below.

Becoming a Footlogix Partner allows your salon/spa location to be visible on our ‘Where to Buy’ map and lists you as an official Footlogix Retailer. You will also have access to our online Partner Portal. This includes our catalogues, product images, product information, marketing materials, education and much, much more.