Introducing Massage into Your Foot Care Experience

05 October, 2022

Treat your feet this holiday season with Footlogix! A great way to create the ultimate relaxation and experience for your clients is with service add-ons. In particular, you could create a more luxurious experience with our Footlogix Massage Formula and quartz massager. This could include introducing Gua Sha into your service. Clients will love results as their skin will feel silky and soft.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese natural therapy similar to massage but instead of using their hands practitioners use special tools to massage the skin.  Although this technique has grown in popularity for the face it can be done to all parts of the body – including the feet!
Like a relaxing foot massage, gua sha uses many of the same long downward strokes with the goal of stimulating circulation and increasing blood flow. This process also influences natural energy and the autonomic nervous system to improve your body’s overall health.

Different ways to use the quartz massager

 There are many ways to incorporate the quartz massager into your service.

One technique the bottom and tops of the feet are rubbed with a tool in a slow, rhythmic, and moderately pressured movement.  This motion helps tone the skin and move the fluids beneath it without drawing much discoloration to the surface.

Another method involves heavy and more rapid rubbing of an area using a tool.  This practice is more likely to bring “sha” to the surface, and it is best performed on muscled areas of the body or the bottom of the feet.
Regardless of which technique you prefer, direction of the movement is important as it should follow the natural direction of lymphatic flow which is towards the heel and up the ankle towards the heart. 

Bring Footlogix into your salon this holiday

 This holiday season, Footlogix is introducing a kit that includes the Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula, Footlogix Massage Formula and a quartz massager specifically designed for the feet. 

Products included in Holiday Promotion

Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula: Clients will be amazed at the results from this non-greasy, mousse-based formula that uses Footlogix®-patented Dermal Infusion Technology® to penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin to deliver quality ingredients proven to restore softness and suppleness to even the driest of feet.

Footlogix® Massage Formula: Applied in the final step of a Footlogix® Professional Foot Care Service, just two to three pumps are all that’s needed to provide a five-to-ten-minute massage to the client’s feet and lower legs.
 Soft, silky skin, and relaxed muscles will be achieved by treating your feet with this fabulous trio, elevating your massage to the next level. Included in our holiday promotion is a white quartz massager – a FREE gift with purchase.