Q&A with Celebrity Nail Technician, Merrick Fisher (aka Merricures)

23 January, 2019

Los Angeles-based, celebrity MAN-icurist and Footlogix Product fan, Merrick Fisher, has a client list most nail technicians can only dream about. From movies (Priyanka Chopra, Brie Larson), television (Millie Bobby Brown, Laverne Cox), music (Nicki Minaj, Paula Abdul) and reality (Stassi Schroeder, Bethenny Frankel), Fisher’s appointment book reads like a Hollywood who’s who list. And incredibly, he’s only been in the business six short years!merrick fisher
Merrick (known cleverly as Merricures on social media) graciously sat down with Footlogix and shared his amazing story. Read on as Merrick dishes about how he became a nail tech, his first celebrity client, his five Footlogix products, and more.

What’s your favourite type of celebrity appointment?

I’ve been fascinated with everything nails from a young age. Actually, some of my fondest memories are going with my mother to her weekly manicure appointments. However, I didn’t even consider a nail career until much later. I graduated from college with a degree in hospitality and business administration and initially my focus was on opening and operating high-end spas. But then the recession hit and it wasn’t a good time to open up a luxury business.
So, I worked in several industries. All the while, my love for nails was a constant. My friends finally suggested I look into a nail career. I thought there’s no way I’ll ever make money doing it! Still, I signed up for evening classes. After two years of training, I started doing nails and never looked back!

Did you immediately start working in a salon? What services did you offer?

I’ve actually never worked in a salon. My first job was with a freelance company that did house calls. It’s funny. In the beginning, I only did manicures, enhancements and nail art. Then one day I had an ‘aha!’ moment. I realized most women want their hands and feet done. They’re not going to call me to do their hands and then go somewhere else to get a pedicure. I knew I had to get over it and do everything. If these people like me and want me to do their services, why not earn more money?

So you only do pedicures on the go? What’s your mobile set up?

Yes. I bring a portable foot bath with disposable liners. Clients sit in their beds, they lounge on their chaise lounges, they sit at their dining room tables. I may meet clients at their house, hotel, or apartment. I enjoy engaging with my clients in any environment they feel comfortable in.

How did you build your celebrity clientele? Do you remember your first celebrity client?

I get business in a variety of ways. There’s a lot of word of mouth. I have an agency. Instagram is also important. Once I do an appointment, clients often become regulars. For instance, I see Bethenny Frankel [from the Real Housewives of New York franchise] every time she’s in LA…which is often. Probably six times a year. It’s funny because I see her more often than I see my own girlfriends that live in New York!
My first celebrity client was Paula Abdul. The assignment showed up through one of the applications I used to schedule in-house appointments. I thought someone was pulling a prank on me. There’s no way someone like her would be using an app like this. But sure enough. It was her!

Was there one particular appointment where you thought to yourself “Wow, I’ve made it”?

Yes. It was Nicki Minaj. It was a job that came through my agency. I was really nervous. She’s someone who definitely takes pride in her nails and has been getting them done for years. It was really exciting. She’s so famous and I’m a big fan of her music. It was really a lot of fun!

What’s your favorite type of celebrity appointment?

Probably award shows. Everyone is fussing over the celebrity at once doing hair and makeup. The stylist is there. There may be a representative from the designer that’s lending them a dress. It may be a security guard or someone from the jewellery company with lots of diamonds. It’s very exciting.
Movie or television sets can be daunting. It’s a long day and there’s lot going on. There’s a lot of waiting around. I might be there eight hours but only spend one hour doing nails.

Many people might assume that celebrity clients don’t have foot issues. Is that true?

Not necessarily! Everyone is human. A lot of women, especially in Hollywood, wear these insanely high heels and their feet take a real beating. Especially if they dance or if they’re a singer that performs a lot. They also may not have a great diet or nutrition. And people, especially celebrities, can be lazy and don’t do regular home maintenance. It all really takes a toll. Like anyone, celebrities definitely need real, no-kidding foot care products. And a lot of them are really impressed when they see or experience before and after I use Footlogix products.

What’s your favorite Footlogix product?pedicure bottle-illustrations

My number one that I cannot be without is the spray Callus Softener. It’s remarkable and I see insane results immediately. The amount of dead skin that comes off after using callus softener is extraordinary. I also love the Very Dry Skin Formula Mousse. I use that for clients that have extremely dry skin. When I use all of the Footlogix products in conjunction, it makes a huge difference.

Do you have a specific Footlogix success story you can share?

There have been many. Saoirse Ronan, for instance…she was somebody with very rough feet and a lot of cracks. With some time and the right products and treatments…it’s like night and day. I recommend that clients get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks for maintenance. It just depends on their skin and the amount of home maintenance they do.

Do you have any tips for doing a pedicure when you have little time?

Do a dry pedicure. No soaking. It’s not an elaborate spa experience, but you’re getting the job done. Just eliminate a couple of steps from your typical routine. You know your client and what they need most. [Footlogix note: The new Footlogix Cleansing Wipes are ideal for use before soakless pedicures as a convenient and effective cleanser.

What’s the biggest compliment a client has ever given you?

Hmm. That’s a hard question. It’s maybe not something they necessarily said, but just being acknowledged on social media is a huge honour. These people are very successful, and they get paid a ton of money to endorse things. So, celebrities won’t freely endorse products or services or individuals unless they whole-heartedly believe in it. A fantastic shout out on social media is a great compliment.

Do you have any advice for nail technicians entering the business?

Always hone your craft and do your research. Take classes and learn new things. The industry is always changing and there are always new products. If there’s something you’re not familiar or comfortable with, don’t shy away from it—explore it!

Nail Technician Merrick Fishers