The Footlogix® Professional Foot File Guide

13 May, 2022
Due to its unique design, the Footlogix® Professional Stainless Steel Foot File is one of the most effective and highest quality implement tools on the market that is safe for all clients. Combine this product with our Professional Callus Softener and they are a match made in heaven!

Since the Footlogix Professional Foot File will be used on most of your clients, proper cleaning and sterilization practices will help ensure longevity of this implement.
Read on to learn what makes the Footlogix Professional Foot File a must-have implement for any foot care professionals kit.

What makes the Footlogix® Professional File Different?

The Footlogix Professional Foot File is etched and as such cannot be measured as a standard grit number.  Files with grit function as abrasion. The Footlogix Professional foot file has a different function and action for reducing callus.

Grit is the number of abrasive grain particles per inch of sandpaper. The lower the grit, the bigger the grain and the coarser the sandpaper. Higher grit sandpaper has smaller grains. This means that it takes more grains to fill up a square inch, which helps give the nail file a smoother feel and are to be used as an abrasive action.
The Footlogix Professional Foot File starts with a solid piece of stainless steel and then with laser guidance and chemicals, the design is etched into the metal. Therefore, it can’t be measured like an abrasive file.
The Footlogix Professional Foot File can be used in both a wet and dry professional services. It is safe to use on every client that sits in your chair. If a soak is included in your service, the file should not be dipped back into water. Dipping the file in water can weaken the concentration of our Professional Callus Softener Spray.
When used by a foot care professional, the coarse and fine sides easily remove the hardened, excess skin of a foot callus, without causing discomfort or shredding the skin.

Cleaning Guide

Between every client, proper cleaning of the Footlogix Professional Foot File should begin by rinsing off any loose debris under running water. Add soap and gently scrub with a small brush, removing any remaining visible debris.
Pay close attention to the edges and be sure to clean both sides of the file, even if only one side was used.  
Towel dry the file and place into a submersible disinfectant or chemical sterilant. Ensure manufacturers guidelines and proper contact time is followed. The Footlogix Professional Foot File can also safely be sterilized in an autoclave.

Storage GuidE

After cleaning and sterilizing, storage of the Footlogix Foot File should be in a cool, dry location. Be sure to store the file in a place that meets your local and professional requirements.

Longevity Guide

The quality and durability of the Footlogix Professional Foot File offers a much more cost-effective solution to purchasing disposable or consumer grade implements. The result is a long-lasting file which harbors no microbes like pumice stones or other porous surfaces do. The double-sided file can be used multi-directionally and will not shred the skin.
The longevity of the Footlogix Professional Foot File is based on a combination of the high-quality stainless steel, non-porous design, and the proper care of the tool by the foot care professional.  Consistent and thorough cleaning of the file is one of the most important steps to ensure the file will last for years. 
When used with the Footlogix® Callus Softener, the Footlogix® Professional Foot File makes the work of exfoliating calluses easy.  It does not need heavy pressure and delivers instant softening of calluses, toe nails and cuticles.