Go Dry This Month With The Soakless Foot Care Service

13 March, 2023

Three words - longer lasting service.  
What if I told you there was a simple way to not only improve the longevity of nail polish, but also save you money?
Enter, the soakless service.

As the name implies, a soakless service is simply a pedicure done without soaking the feet in water.  
The process is typically the same as a standard pedicure with appropriate care to the nails, cuticles, calluses and removal of any dry skin.  

One of the biggest reasons why many are offering a soakless service is that the nail polish lasts longer.  

Did you know that after just 60 seconds in water, the nail plate has expanded making it harder for polish to adhere?  About an hour later, as the nail starts to dry it will contract, which can contribute to polish chipping. 

One of the perks of a soakless foot care service is when service speed is important. For instance, clients may be squeezing a pedicure appointment into their lunch hour or have a hard stop with a babysitter at home. In these cases, a soakless service can be a real time saver—before and after the service. Without a foot bath to fill, empty, clean and sanitize, technicians can be ready for their next client in no time.

But what about the care of calluses and cuticles without your pre-pedicure soak? 
With the Footlogix professional line of products you can get just as effective of a exfoliation of skin without the use of water.   Both the cuticle and callus softener from Footlogix contain urea which naturally softens dry skin without stripping the surrounding area of essential moisture.   

Not convinced yet?

Aside from a long-lasting pedicure, going soakless has health benefits, too!   

Water and foot soaks can be a breeding ground for germs as some bacteria can remain in the basin and water filters, even after the water is drained, especially if proper disinfection is not maintained.   
The concern of cross contamination is of particular importance especially for high-risk clients, such as those with diabetes.  Being able to offer more sanitary options such as a soakless service will allow you to service these clients safely. 

One last great benefit to the waterless pedicure is the cost savings. 

Faster labor time, less equipment and reduced water consumption, make this an ideal practice for the eco-friendly salon.