Elevate Your Business with Footlogix® SPA Network: Your Gateway to Growth and Success.

19 January, 2024

SPA for Footlogix® represents the Strategic Partner Advantage Network. It's not just a term, it’s crafted for passionate professionals dedicated to foot health.

With hundreds of items dedicated to our partners, the SPA Network boasts a space where education and marketing merge.

Whether you are in the spa industry, podiatry, or beauty, this network provides a platform to build your Footlogix business. It is about gaining access to education, images, support, and curated content crafted to build the growth of your Footlogix® business. Think of this space as your dedicated Footlogix® resource center.

Access educational resources designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

The Footlogix® SPA Network provides a toolbox filled with resources designed to fuel your success. From marketing materials to education to sales training, leverage these tools to enhance your business.

Boost Your Visibility with Our Dealer Locator: Expand Your Reach, Attract More Clients

Maximize your spa, salon, or store's visibility by registering on our dealer locator. This powerful tool effortlessly connects potential customers actively seeking Footlogix® products with your business. Once you're featured, customers can easily locate and access your services in just a couple of clicks.

Click Here to join the Footlogix SPA network.

Elevate Your Expertise with Footlogix® Education
We are committed to supporting your continuous learning through our Footlogix® education. Webinar recordings are available to view at any time on various topics meant to assist in expanding your Footlogix knowledge. We believe education is power, and that is why we host educational events regularly.

Click Here to view our Product Knowledge Recording.

With Footlogix® sold in almost 90 countries worldwide, we now have our professional and retail videos subtitled and closed captioned in 16 languages and growing!

Click Here to view our YouTube page.
Social Media and Image Library

Immerse yourself in our curated content to boost your online presence. Access a rich repository of engaging product images and pre-designed social media posts, effectively showcasing the unique benefits of Footlogix® professional products and home care range, just to name a few.
The possibilities are endless! The amount of information can be overwhelming, so we encourage you to take your time and become familiar with what the SPA Network has to offer.

If you are not setup on the Footlogix® SPA Network, please follow the instructions below.

Sign Up Steps:
  1. Visit the Footlogix® home page at www.Footlogix®.com. Scroll down to the box titled "Join the Footlogix® S.P.A Network," and click on "Get Access," or go directly to www.Footlogix.com/BECOME-A-FOOTLOGIX-PARTNER.

  2. Note: To join the SPA Network, you must be a professional salon, spa, retailer, or distributor of Footlogix® products. If you're a professional looking to integrate the Footlogix® line into your salon or spa, kickstart the sign-up process for the SPA Network. We'll connect you with a local distributor, enabling you to elevate your pedicures to a new standard of excellence.

  3. Complete the "Contact Details" form on the SPA Network Page and click submit. If you are currently a dealer of Footlogix® products, please ensure that you click "yes" on the form where it asks if you have purchased Footlogix® products before. If you are not currently selling Footlogix® products and would like to be connected with a distributor, click "no," or send an email to: info@Footlogix.com to be connected.

  4. To maximize benefits and access to learning resources, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the form.

  5. Once you have completed the form, click submit. Our team will review your application and contact you to notify you once you are set up, if they require more information to set you up, or if you would like to be connected to a distributor.

  6. Please note that the SPA Network is a resource hub and is not for ordering products. Footlogix® works with partner distributors to sell its products, so we will be happy to connect you with a local distributor in your area.

  7. Once the sign-up process is completed, please allow up to 48 hours (Monday to Friday) for the process to be completed. If you register on the weekend, we will require additional time to set you up.

  8. When the process is completed, you will be sent a confirmation email. Log in and explore all of the features and benefits that the Footlogix® SPA Network has to offer.

If you have any questions or issues accessing materials on the Footlogix® SPA Network, please contact us directly – marketing@footlogix.com