Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet

09 January, 2023

Hidden within our socks and shoes is a powerful structure that can transform how we connect to our posture and movement.  The human foot is a fascinatingly complex structure made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.

With our feet acting as our body’s foundation, it is important to make sure we are taking care of them and giving them the much-needed TLC they deserve. 

Below are 4 tips for taking care of your feet and for kickstarting a healthy foot lifestyle. 

Tip #1 – Reset and Release the Feet

Rolling and massaging the feet on a golf ball or lacrosse ball not only feels good but it also plays an important role in preventing overuse injuries and improving foot circulation. 
Releasing the feet for just 5 minutes, twice a day can be a powerful and effective way to wake up the nerves, release the muscles and stimulate the tissue in the bottom of the feet.   
A great way to remember this tip, is to release your feet when brushing your teeth!

Tip #2 – Stretch and Spread the Toes

Spending hours in tight, restrictive shoes has been associated with certain foot conditions including bunions, hammertoes, metatarsalgia and neuromas.   One of the best ways to reverse the restriction of shoes is to use toe spacers.
After a long day on your feet or after a hard workout, slip on a pair of toe spacers – and stretch your way to happier feet.   Not only do toe spacers allow the toes to spread, but they also help stretch the small muscles of the toes, support circulation of the foot and even help reduce arch pain associated with the plantar fascia.    

Tip #3 – Hydrate and Exfoliate the Skin

No other part of the body is placed under as much load or stress as the feet. All of this accumulative stress can wreak havoc on the skin of our feet. From calluses and corns to athlete’s foot and fissures, the skin of our feet deserves just as much attention as the muscles.

Daily use of a urea-based product can not only moisturize the feet but also reduce the thickening of the skin as it is a mild exfoliant.

A favorite to try is the Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula or our Rough Skin Formula Mousse.
In addition to daily moisturizing of the feet, it is also beneficial to perform a weekly routine exfoliation with a foot file. The Footlogix Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo is the perfect duo to hydrate and exfoliate dry, rough, cracked & callused feet.

Tip # 4 – Strengthen Your Foundation

Our feet have over a dozen small muscles in the bottom of the foot, all of which play an important role in foot support and the absorption of impact forces.   Depending on foot type and type of shoes worn, these intrinsic muscles may be weak, requiring daily foot activation.

To wake up the foot muscles, stand on one leg barefoot for 30 seconds.   To get even more foot activation, try to push the toes down into the ground.   If you can perform this 2 times per side.
Added bonus, when strengthening the foot try to connect them to your core muscles!

All of the above tips are just the start of a healthy foot lifestyle.   Remember to implement these tips consistently to get the best results.