A Mile in My Shoes

15 June, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually walk in someone else’s shoes? To get a glimpse of another person’s life from where they stand? Well you are in luck! In this month’s blog, we meet Sandra Downey, a busy entrepreneur with a dynamic life. She is always on the go but makes sure her feet are in the best possible shape whether for work or for play. Footlogix products are the perfect foot care products for anyone who is leading an active lifestyle. Healthy feet are very important as our lives get busier and busier. Let’s meet Sandra.

Her Tired Legs Never Ache!

After 22 years as an executive in the telecommunications sector, Sandra let her entrepreneurial spirit take the lead and started her first successful solo venture back in 2002.  For the next five years she designed and manufactured high quality cedar garden trellises. Sandra’s interest in health and well-being was always at the forefront, and after she took her company to where she wanted it to go, she enrolled full-time into a college to study everything from reflexology to Swedish massage to Reiki.

During our conversation in Toronto recently, Sandra had a confession to make.  “I’ve always loved the feet!” Along with being a Certified Reflexologist (although not currently practising) she has had regular treatments for years. 


Now in her early 60s, Sandra is still as active as ever and continues to walk tSandraDowney.jpgo most of her business meetings. Her focus is now on developing ways to support the aging population in maintaining vibrant health at all levels. As Sandra explains, “aging is inevitable, aging well is a choice,” and her latest venture, Inspired Aging, is designed to offer a wide range of ways to live better as we live longer.   

Speaking of steps, Sandra makes sure she gets in her 10,000 a day. As an avid walker Sandra is on her feet more than she’s off them!  Along with completing a half marathon (walking) which she explains was her gift to herself when she turned 50, Sandra has been part of a walking group for more than 12 years, logging 10 km twice a week.

And if that wasn’t enough time on her feet, Sandra is a part-time seasonal associate at a garden centre spanning five acres in Toronto – easily spending eight-hour shifts on her feet, and largely on cement floor so at the end of a hectic day, tired legs are not uncommon.

Putting her best foot forward

Sandra also has regular professional pedicures and between salon visits takes impeccable care of her feet.  She always makes sure she wears the appropriate footwear for every occasion, as well as breathable socks made of cotton or bamboo. To ease tired feet after a long day, she rolls a tennis ball under one bare foot at a time. “Our feet are our foundation and the way we ground ourselves. If you’re not being held up properly then everything else is not aligned.”

Footlogix Recommendations for Those Who Walk for Fitness

Formula for Tired and Heavy Legs:

For an active personality like Sandra whose legs feel fatigued after a long day, Footlogix recommends the Tired Leg Formula. With “vaso-active properties”, this formula helps reduce leg fatigue. This formula is also highly recommended for wearers of compression-hose as it does not break down the elastic fibre.

  • increases micro-circulation in the feet and lower legs.

  • contains Horse Chestnut that promotes normal tone in the walls of veins.

  • contains Witch Hazel that is anti-inflammatory and is also used for treatment of bruising, inflammation, swelling and the prevention of varicose veins.

  • has long-lasting, cumulative effects.

 Formula for Prevention of BlistersProducts-420X420mile-in-my-shoes.jpg


Footlogix recommends the DD Cream Mousse to keep your skin healthy and intact. If you have just about started walking for fitness and purchased shoes that you are not used to wearing, this light-weight mousse will help prevent blisters and also soften and protect the skin against dryness.

Formula for Toenail Fungus

Toenails that are exposed to moisture and warmth are more likely to get infected by a fungus. Runners, athletes or even people who walk from wearing sweaty shoes,often, will benefit from using the Footlogix Toe Tincture Spray. This formula contains an effective ingredient proven to provide preventative care for toenails prone to fungal infections.

Formula for Sweaty Feet

If your feet are slipping because they are too clammy or wet or your socks are moist halfway through the day, use the Sweaty Feet Formula: An anti-microbial formula that also acts as an astringent.

In other words, happy, healthy feet mean an overall sense of well-being.  And what’s not to love about that?! 

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