How to Grow Your Male Client Base for Pedicures?

18 July, 2018


No doubt about it, the men’s grooming segment is booming. These days, it’s not unusual to see a man soaking in a pedicure bowl at the local salon. Still, many men are often embarrassed to show their feet—and the more a man’s feet need attention, the more embarrassed he can become. In fact, if you ask most men to describe a perfect day, chances are good that getting a pedicure won’t make the itinerary. Women, on the other hand, widely see the benefits of regular pedicures, both in relaxation and foot care. Why the difference? In general, men have been conditioned to view spa services as non-essential luxuries; and far from relaxed, men often feel awkward and out of place in a salon environment.
However, just like women, men frequently suffer from common foot conditions as a result of various lifestyle factors—such as sports, exercise, strenuous work, ill-fitting shoes, age and health issues, like diabetes. Left untreated, these foot conditions can become unsightly and painful and some may even require medical treatment.
Yet nail techs report that, on average, only 5.4% of their clients are men. This represents a large, untapped market segment that can greatly benefit from a professional pedicure and potentially increase salon revenue. Here, we offer some simple tips to tweak your pedicure services and grow your male client base. 

Tips on How to Get Men into the Salon

Focus on the benefits

Men are natural problem solvers; so when marketing to men, it’s important to explain how a professional pedicure can help to resolve foot conditions, rather than focusing on why the service is beautifying. Communicate how every Footlogix 10-Step Pedicure includes a client consultation and visual foot and leg evaluation before each service to identify foot care concerns, medical conditions and allergies, assisting the technician in understanding the client’s foot care needs and addressing particular in suit gets a footlogix pedicure in salon
Also explain how Footlogix products are formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®(DIT). This delivery system helps to penetrate the epidermis into restoring the health of the skin, providing effective and transformational results. Men will love that the products are fast-acting and results can be seen immediately! Also, men who have preconceived ideas that foot products are greasy or slippery will love that Footlogix products leave no greasy residue. Just apply and go!

 Let your current clients lead the way

The easiest way to grow your male client base is to start with the clients already in your pedicure chair. Most wives, partners, siblings and friends would love to see the men in their lives with tidy toes and healthy feet. Also, as regular clients, they can offer the ultimate referral. Even the most spa-averse men are open to trying a pedicure if a spouse or friend goes with them. Incentivize these group visits with themed date nights, special promotions for couples, or co-ed pedi parties for birthdays, weddings or major sporting events. From there, get the word out about your problem-solving pedis to the men most likely to need them. Go creative—consider local gyms, running clubs, and employee unions, offer a discount to your mail carrier, or create a special coupon for chefs and kitchen staff at a busy, fine dining restaurant in your area.

Do more with less

The Footlogix 10-Step Pedicure is specifically designed to deliver transformational results. These steps include: consult, evaluate, prepare, exfoliate, nail care, skin care, rejuvenate, massage, beautify, and recommend. In the beautify step, female clients generally opt for a shiny coat of colored nail polish; however, male clients typically skip the polish. Instead, add value to male client appointments in other ways, such as an extended massage with the Footlogix Massage Formula, which will leave the skin feeling silky soft without a greasy film, or creating a detoxifying mask by wrapping the lower leg in hot towels after applying the Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub. You can also introduce other extras, for example spraying Footlogix Shoe Deodorant Spray into the client’s shoes to kill odour-causing bacteria and spraying Footlogix Foot Fresh Deodorant onto each foot at the start of the service.

Tailor the experience for men getting a pedicure service

One size never fits all. A woman’s pedicure preferences are likely very different from what the typical man will prefer—from sounds to scents to privacy. Replace nature sounds and instrumental music with a TV broadcasting a professional or college sporting event, and serve craft beer instead of wine. Men also prefer lightly scented or unscented products instead of heavy floral or vanilla scents. Since most Footlogix products are unscented or have a very light scent, they are ideal for a male client. Noise cancelling headphones, Internet connections and reading material are also of interest to men.
 Of course, all men are different and the important takeaway is to carefully read every client to ensure you deliver their perfect pedicure. Have you successfully increased your pedicure business with men? Let Footlogix know about it!


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How to grow your male client base for pedicures