Get to know Footlogix Educator/Business Development
Nikki Fraser, CMP®, CPOD

27 March, 2019

Nikki Fraser was first introduced into Footlogix® products during her Master Pedicurist Certification and she was an instant believer. “Footlogix® literally changed the health of my clients’ feet and my business! As a result, I’ve been a raving Footlogix® fan ever since,” she says. So, it’s no wonder that when she ran into Footlogix® Founder Katharin von Gavel at a nearby trade show, Nikki couldn’t help but share her love for the pediceutical line.

nikki fraser pedicurist using footlogix implement on client's toe

Fast forward a few months and this chance encounter eventually led to Footlogix offering Nikki a job in a newly created Educator/Business Development role. Nikki says it was hard to leave her clients and the practice she’d worked so hard to build, but she ultimately accepted the position. Why? “In my practice, there was a limit to the number of clients I could share Footlogix® with—I’m only one person! But working for Footlogix, I can tell everyone what Footlogix® can do!”

We chatted with Nikki about her background and experience, as well as her current position at Footlogix, where every single day, she enables pedicurists to improve the client’s lives by relieving foot pain and discomfort. Read on to get to know more about Nikki.

How did you end up in the foot care business?

Mid-career, I decided to go back to school and pursue something that has always been interesting and important to me—esthetics. I enrolled in an Advanced Medical Esthetics Program. In Canada, esthetics training includes classic manicures and pedicures in addition to facials, body treatments, lash extensions, waxing, etc.

How long have been working as a nail technician? Did you work in any salon?

I did nails for about three years, first in a small home-run salon and then in a full-service hair/esthetics salon. I had a clear idea of what I thought an esthetics business should look like and I wasn’t seeing it in the salon where I was working. This led me to start my practice at a wellness clinic. My reputation as a foot care professional rapidly evolved and soon clients with diabetes and specific skin concerns began to seek out my services.

Describe your current role at Footlogix®. What’s a typical day like?

My official title is Educator/Business Development. Initially, I contacted our existing clients to build and enforce relationships and identify the needs for educational resources. I still do this, but now I’m also the primary support person if someone contacts Footlogix with product use and/or availability questions. I also work for the Footlogix booth and lecture on pedicure topics at trade shows and help the Footlogix marketing team develop training materials.

There’s no typical day and that’s why I love this career! I could be at a school delivering training to eager new students, offering feedback to a nail technician on a particular client, or working with a new salon owner to implement the Footlogix Wellness Pedicure into their existing service menu. Every day is different and I love that I get to interact with end-users and practitioners alike!

Do you feel the work you do is important? What’s the most rewarding thing you do/see as part of your job?

nikki fraser teaching a footlogix class

I wholeheartedly believe this work is important! Footlogix is the next generation of foot care. We are the only pediceutical on the market. As an esthetician, I liken Footlogix to skincare for the face. Professionals and consumers have access to pharmacy-grade ingredients for facials and home care—so why settle for a traditional pedicure product? I’m proud to work with a company that is a force of change in this industry through educating practitioners on the “hows and whys” of foot skin and nail care.

I’m rewarded in this job daily. When I’m talking with someone in person, it’s when I see the change on their face when they “get it” as I’m explaining the Footlogix® ideology. Seeing a nail technician’s before/after pictures of work they’ve done to improve a client’s feet over time is also very rewarding. I’m so proud of their accomplishment and I’m proud that Footlogix gave them the tools to do it.

What’s your Favorite Footlogix Product and why?

Personally, the Rough Skin Formula saved me and the Daily Maintenance Formula is now saving me from ever needing the Rough Skin Formula again!
Professionally, the best foot care products that really changed my pedicure services are the Callus Softener and Stainless-Steel Professional Foot File—both in terms of supporting the integrity of the skin and in terms of my effort required to do a service. Now I can let the products do the work!

What’s the fact about you that people would find surprising?

Ready for this? I love NASCAR [American Stock Car Auto Racing]. Though there are lots of sports I don’t get into those. But the ‘gentlemen, start your engines,’ the crescendo of motor sounds and the adrenaline rush watching fast driving in finely tuned vehicles…I get it! It’s so exciting!

Nikki Fraser