Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula or Rough Skin Formula?

26 July, 2019

It’s common sense to use the correct skincare formula for your face—but did you know that using the right foot care products is even more important? Why? Today’s lifestyle changes have had a major impact on the health of the feet. Our feet carry us through a lifetime. This is no small order as your feet strike the ground approximately 10,000 times daily and absorb more than 600 metric tons of force! To protect these valuable assets, the thicker skin of the feet functions as a barrier—but only if it’s injury-free, healthy and hydrated.
To keep the skin of the feet functioning as it should, Footlogix products consider the unique characteristics that make the skin on the feet different from the skin anywhere else on the body. Each Footlogix product is specially formulated to treat specific foot conditions, so it’s important to choose the correct product to achieve great results.
 Illustration showing difference between skin on the feet and skin on the body
For example, one common misconception is that Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula is simply a stronger version of Rough Skin Formula. When given a choice between the two formulations, consumers often choose Cracked Heel Formula, believing that it will clear up their dry skin faster. However, these two formulas contain different ingredients and concentrations of ingredients to specifically solve very different problems.

Rough Skin

Rough, sandpaper-like skin with superficial cracks that do not go away after regular moisturizing can be (and frequently is!) a fungal infection. Until the fungus has been eliminated, no amount of moisture-promoting ingredients will resolve the associated rough, scratchy, micro-torn skin on the feet. For this reason, Footlogix Rough Skin Formula contains the anti-fungal/anti-microbial ingredients, Clotrimazole or Spiraleen®, to effectively treat and heal rough skin and at the same time eliminate dryness. Since superficial cracks can be a portal for fungus to enter the skin, Rough Skin Formula also contains a precise amount of Urea to lock in enough moisture to eliminate superficial cracks and dry skin so the feet are repaired and smooth.

Cracked Skin

Deeply cracked heels that split and bleed are different than the superficial cracks found in dry, rough or scratchy skin. When deep split cracks are present, Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula will give transformational results by you can see and feel immediately. This formula does not contain anti-fungal ingredients and is formulated with a higher concentration of Urea to deliver maximum moisture, as well as Evening Primrose oil to improve the structure of the skin. The formula’s intense hydrating and softening properties can heal deep cracks and fissures in just a few days.
All Footlogix products are non-occlusive, non-greasy and use advanced Dermal Infusion Technology® to deliver active ingredients into the layers of the skin. Ingredients and concentrations for each formula have been precisely selected to address specific foot conditions and choosing the correct formula will help to deliver the best results.

Need help in choosing the right Footlogix product?

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