Foot Care for Men. Your Complete Guide

07 October, 2020

The list of activities that are rough on the feet is long—for both men and women. Sports, exercise, strenuous work, poor-fitting shoes, along with age and certain health conditions, can take a heavy toll on one’s foot health. If not addressed, these lifestyle and health factors can lead to extremely dry, rough, and sometimes smelly feet, deeply cracked heels, thick foot calluses, and even foot fungus. Yes, it can be ugly. But even worse, untreated feet can result in serious consequences, like ulcerations and infections that require medical attention.

If this is true for everyone, then why are most men’s feet in worse shape than the feet of their female counterparts? It’s simple. Effective foot care. While women often make professional pedicures and at-home foot maintenance a priority, many men view basic foot care as a luxurious and unnecessary spa service. In fact, nail techs report that only 5.4% of pedicure clients are men.
But there’s good news for men! Men’s foot care doesn’t have to be elaborate and fussy. It’s possible for men to get their feet looking good and in optimal health with the following basic men’s foot care tips, which are sure to deliver effective, transformative results—with a lower key spa experience.

Wear the right shoes

This simple men’s foot care tip should be a no-brainer. Wearing the right shoes can make a big difference in the health of a man’s feet. Ill-fitting shoes will rub and scrape against heels and toes and can lead to unappealing and uncomfortable calluses. This is especially true for men who play sports or are involved in other strenuous activities or if a man’s job requires heavy steel-toed boots which lack flexibility in the toe box.

To choose the right shoes, shop at the end of the day when feet are largest (from swelling) and always bring the type of socks you plan to wear with the shoes to the store. Get your foot measured by a professional, if possible, and never rely on the listed shoe size alone—always try shoes on and walk around. Shoes should fit comfortably from all angles. Men commonly have wider feet, so make sure there’s adequate width at the ball of the foot where the foot is widest. Also, ensure the area around the toes has adequate space (length and height) to prevent the toes from being cramped and rubbing on the top and sides of the shoe. Finally, look for shoes that are made of soft, breathable materials which allow moisture to evaporate.

Keep feet (and shoes!) clean and dry

Dirty, wet feet are a haven for viruses and bacteria and can lead to less than desirable results (see tip number five!). Men should make a point to wash their feet daily and keep toenails neatly trimmed. Long toenails are traps for debris and bacteria and can catch on the inside of shoes, lifting the toenail from the nail bed or causing other injury.

Every man should make a habit of cleansing the feet every day and after excessive sweating, paying special attention to the skin between the toes and the sole of the foot. Choose a foot cleanser which is gentle, pH-balanced, and has anti-microbial properties to properly rid the feet of bacteria and dirt. The Footlogix® Foot Soak Concentrate is a non-aggressive, pH-balanced formula that effectively cleans men’s feet without dehydrating the skin and it helps soften dry, rough skin in the process. After washing, always dry the feet completely before putting on shoes.

Even if you’re a man who keeps his feet squeaky clean, your feet are still susceptible to bacteria and odour when placed in a damp shoe! Residual sweat feeds bacteria that can lead to fungal infections and may develop a stubborn, foul odour. If possible, rotate shoes, so pairs have time to adequately dry before wearing. If shoe or foot odour develops, men can easily and effectively treat the problem with the Footlogix® Foot Fresh and Footlogix® Shoe Fresh formulas. These products both contain Tea Tree Oil which acts as a disinfectant to eliminate bad bacteria and neutralize foot odour. Just spray on the feet or in shoes every day or as often as needed and allow to dry completely. Footlogix® Shoe Fresh is also effective on sports equipment bags, yoga mats and any other items that pick up similar odours.

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Moisturize regularly

The most important foot care tip for men is to moisturize the feet regularly—once daily at a minimum. To properly moisturize dry feet, it’s particularly important to use dry skin remedies that deeply penetrate thick callused, dry skin and add moisture, without a greasy residue, to dry feet.

Footlogix® has developed an extensive line of moisturizing foot care products that hydrate and restore extremely dry skin on the feet, without occluding or impeding the natural functions of the skin. Each Footlogix® moisturizing formula contains specific ingredients and revolutionary technologies to optimally target dry feet skin issues. Whether feet are deeply cracked, scratchy and sandpaper like or simply extremely dehydrated, Footlogix® has a solution to the problem.

  • Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse
  • Footlogix® Daily Maintenance Formula
  • Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula
  • Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula

If you have any questions about which Footlogix® moisturizing formula will deliver the best and fastest results for you, ask your foot care professional or contact Footlogix®.

Periodically exfoliate

Dry, dead skin can build up and lead to calluses and deep cracks over time. It’s important for men’s foot health to periodically slough off dead skin to reveal the healthy skin below. Never cut or scrape dry skin and calluses with sharp instruments like a rasp or grater and save the heavy exfoliation for foot care professionals.
The Footlogix® Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub contains healing Micro Algae, Laminaria Seaweed, five essential oils and polished pumice to clean and exfoliate the skin softly and gently.

Don’t ignore the signs of athlete’s foot and nail fungus

Men’s feet usually aren’t pretty, but the addition of a fungal infection can take men’s feet from unsightly to dreadful in a hurry, frequently picked up in moist, public areas that men usually visit (gym locker rooms, for example). Athlete’s foot, the most common foot fungal infection, can present as red, flaky and scaly skin between the toes that will often, peel, crack, itch and burn. Fungus in toenails may start out as a white or yellow spot under the toenail’s free edge. As the infection gets deeper, the toenail may become dark, thick, crumbly and ragged. Foot fungal infections will only get worse without treatment, so men should know the signs and treat the feet immediately.
Fortunately, there are safe, effective foot fungus treatment products for men that are available without a prescription. Look for formulas that contain clotrimazole, an ingredient commonly used to treat fungal infections. Footlogix® has a complete line of anti-fungal products (Nail Tincture Spray, Peeling Skin Formula, and Rough Skin Formula) that contain clotrimazole, as well as other ingredients proven to promote healing, calm irritation and stabilize damaged skin—killing the fungus and providing relief from the itching, peeling and irritation often associated with fungal infections.

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Get professional pedicures

To maintain foot health, there’s no better men’s foot care tip than getting a professional pedicure.  The Footlogix® foot care service is delivered by a trained, professional pedicurist who can help men identify any foot-related concerns, as well as discuss any medical conditions or allergies.

Another benefit is that your pedicurist has access to Footlogix® professional-use only products. The Footlogix® Callus Softener and Professional Foot File is the ultimate foot care combo for a pedicure. The Footlogix® Callus Softener is an effective softening treatment for calluses and dry skin on the feet. Used by a professional with the Footlogix® Stainless-Steel File, it will gently soften calluses for easy reduction.  The Footlogix® Cuticle Softener and Footlogix® Cuticle Conditioner would also be used around toenails to soften hard skin build-up. These products contain professional-grade ingredients which are highly effective when used by a trained nail technician. Regular pedicures also allow your pedicurist to check for changes in your toenails and recommend the appropriate Footlogix® at-home treatments for your particular foot and cuticle issues.

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