Hello Fall! What Does It Mean For The Skin On Our Feet?

14 September, 2015

What does Fall mean for the skin of our feet?

Changes in climate and weather conditions also mean changes in the skin of your feet. Two vital factors causing the existence of climate zones, are temperature and moisture. These factors affect the skin of your feet just as much as they affect your wardrobe and shoes. Here’s what the weather means for your feet, depending on where you live:

  1. beautiful-feet-valentine-300x300.jpgPlaces like Calgary and Mount Pearl are already seeing the end of a cool summer. The weather becomes drier, lacking moisture in the air. Furnaces also produce much drier air. The skin on the feet, as elsewhere in the body, becomes much drier and in need of extra moisturizing. Use Footlogix’s moisturizing formulas such as the DD Cream Mousse and Daily Maintenance Formulas to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized
  2. Do you live in Miami or Las Vegas? 2. You are probably still in sandals and flip flops. However, they could cause dryness and heavy callusing to your feet. Don’t let your flip flops make your feet go “ouch-umph.” Wear the Footlogix Rough Skin Formula preventatively to avoid the sand-paper like feeling on the skin of your feet. If walking barefoot outside or on the beach, observe the bottom of the feet for any blisters, scrapes or cuts when you come back inside.
  3. Places like Toronto, New York and Chicago are still experiencing a pleasant mid-20 degrees Celsius/70 degrees Farenheit Temperature. Stubbed toes are common if you are still wearing open-toed shoes in this climate. Use the Footlogix Nail Tincture preventatively on stubbed toes.

Here’s how Mandy got rid of her toenail fungus:

"Fall Foot Care Tips"