Upsell Footlogix Retail During Client Consultation. Part 2/3

14 May, 2021

2. Consult with your Client In-person or Online

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Times are changing, and so are consumer demands. Today’s clients are more educated, more tech savvy and very aware of foot care issues, thanks to all things online. At home foot care will never replace a visit to the salon, spa or foot care professional. However, during times of closures and the inability to book in-person services, you need to make sure you are still connected with your client in some way or form.

To go that extra mile and strengthen your relationship with your client, proper foot treatment must go beyond aesthetics to deliver truly healthy feet. It gets easy if you implement and recommend products that follow foot care essentials:

  • Deliver ingredients into the layers of the epidermis

  • Enhance the skin functions

  • Add moisture to the epidermis

  • Not seal the skin with occlusive oils.

Fortunately, Footlogix® foot care products are all that and more. Each uses advanced technology to deliver actives into the skin and nails and create a protective barrier while still allowing skin to transpire.  Footlogix® formulations contain state of the art ingredients like Urea, Co-Q10 and Spiraleen®—all delivered using Footlogix’s unique, proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology®, which ensures active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, where they’re needed.

As a footcare service provider, how can you know which Footlogix® products and treatments are best for your client? The answer is simple—a thorough client consultation. Read on to learn about valuable consultation best practices that will help any foot care professional get the most from a client consult.

Customize your Approach: In-Person or Online

In-person consultation with your client isn’t the only way a foot care professional can consult with a client. You can have skillful and meaningful conversations not just in-person, but even online. Be sure to change your consultation approach depending on how you’re interacting with the client.

In-Person Consultation

The in-person consultation is arguably the easiest for both the client and practitioner. Although first-hand observation of the feet is possible, it’s still important to start with the Footlogix® Client Information Form to gather insights from the client’s perspective. After the form is completed, the collected information should then be compared with your physical examination of the client’s feet. Use any differences between what is on the form and what is observed to guide additional questions and take careful notes on the customer’s history and concerns.

Phone Consultation

Consulting by phone is gaining popularity and not just before an appointment. For clients in a hurry or simply mindful of social distancing, the phone consultation is also a great way for clients to get post-pedicure advice and recommendations without having to remain at the salon. The Footlogix® Client Consultation Form is still a great resource for guiding the conversation, however a strict question/answer format by phone isn’t ideal. New clients may prefer a more conversational and customer-led approach, while existing clients may talk about what has changed since their last visit. Since the phone consult eliminates physical feedback—like nodding in agreement or looking confused—this method requires curious enquiry and skillful client questioning. Throughout the consultation, it is important to keep notes.

Online Chat/Email Consultation

Like phone consultations, the digital consult is quickly gaining momentum. In this scenario, a specific foot problem usually pushes the client to reach out via chat or email in the privacy of home. The resulting discussion typically sticks to the facts. If possible, ask the client to send a photo. This will enable you to ask the right follow-up questions and instantly offer recommendations. If a client hasn’t been seen in a while, a practitioner-led email exchange is a terrific, customer centric way to check in.

Leverage Footlogix® Product Resources

The better informed you are on Footlogix® products and treatments, the better your chances of a successful service outcome. Footlogix® offers a variety of free resources designed to easily provide foot care professionals with comprehensive information on every Footlogix® offering, including:

  • Digital Educational materials in the VIP Education Hub

  • Feature/benefit sheets for every product in the Footlogix® foot care line

  • Informative YouTube videos for Footlogix® products and services

Reference these resources frequently and be sure to reach out to Footlogix® if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

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