Upsell Footlogix Retail During Client Consultations. Part 1/3

14 May, 2021

1. Client Consultation During a Foot Care Service 

Most clients have one goal in mind when booking a pedicure—pretty feet and toes. But a professional pedicure should be so much more than beautifying. Our feet deserve it! Striking the ground an average of 10,000 times a day and absorbing more than 600 metric tons of force, the typical foot takes a beating. As a result, approximately 85% of the walking adult population have foot or foot-related problems.

That’s why it’s so important for clients to understand that even seemingly benign foot issues, like very dry skin, can result in more serious problems, such as cracked heels, fissures and fungal infections, if not addressed. Deliver superior foot care by introducing Footlogix® 3 R’s ideology – Recognize, Recommend and Refer into your foot care services. It’s designed to help you get¬ the right information from clients to deliver an exceptional experience.

Foot Care Essentials

Proper foot treatment must go beyond aesthetics to deliver truly healthy feet. Your client trusts you for their foot health. To do this, foot care products should:

  • Deliver ingredients into the layers of the skin

  • Enhance the skin functions

  • Add moisture to the epidermis

  • Not seal the skin with occlusive oils.

Fortunately, Footlogix® foot care products are all that and more. Each uses advanced technology to deliver actives into the skin and nails and create a protective barrier while still allowing skin to transpire.  Footlogix® formulations contain state of the art ingredients like Urea, Co-Q10 and Spiraleen®—all delivered using Footlogix’s unique, proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology®, which ensures active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, where they’re needed.

As a technician, how can you know which Footlogix® products and treatments are best for your client? The answer is simple—a thorough client consultation. Read on to learn about valuable consultation best practices that will help any nail technician get the most from a client consult.

Use Footlogix® Consultation Tools

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel! Footlogix® has developed several tools to help foot care technicians have skillful and meaningful conversations with their clients. Use these tools at the beginning and end of a pedicure service to guide fact-finding, treatment design and retail recommendations.

Footlogix® Pedicure Information Form

A good pedicure consultation first gathers all the critical information you need to deliver just the right treatment. Whether consulting in-person, by phone or by email, the Footlogix® Pedicure Information Form is the best first step in a thorough, professional dialogue with your client. In addition to helping, you deliver the perfect service, this form provides a great historical reference point for tracking improvements over time.

The Footlogix® Pedicure Information Form covers:
  • Name, address and contact info

  •  health information that’s important to the pedicure technician, such as diabetes, allergies, and medications

  • The most common issues of the skin of the feet

  • The all-important question, “What improvements would you like to see with your feet?”

What are the advantages of using a pedicure information form in your foot care service? 

  • Brings a professional touch to your foot care service. Elevated professionalism

  • Know the client’s history – a good head start to knowing your client’s background before pedicuring the feet

  • Reference point – A good way to keep record when your client returns for a foot care service, for you and other service providers on your team

  • Consultation as a sales tool – you recognize issues and recommend home care products in between pedicure visits

 When to use the Pedicure Information Form

At the onset of the foot care service appointment, set your client comfortably in the pedicure chair and have your client fill out the Footlogix Pedicure Consultation form. This will help identify any foot care concerns, allergies and will assist in understanding your client’s foot care needs, and ultimately build strong long-term client relationships. 

Footlogix® At-Home Care Form

 The At-Home Care Form is another great consultation tool that’s also an excellent sales tool. This form is used at the end of a foot care service to record future appointments and recommend Footlogix® home care products based on the client’s specific needs. The form has space for the foot care service provider’s name and the next pedicure appointment (PRO TIP: Prefill the forms with your name and encourage clients to book their next appointment before leaving!).

On the front of the form, simply check off the Footlogix® products you recommend from the inclusive list. The back of the form includes detailed usage instructions that the client can take home.

At Homecare Pads as a Sales tool

  • Recommend home care products
  • When and how to use
  • Tool for front desk
  • Elevates professionalism
  • Rebooking opportunity



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Leverage Footlogix® Product Resources

The better informed you are on Footlogix® products and treatments, the better your chances of a successful service outcome. Footlogix® offers a variety of free resources designed to easily provide professional nail technicians with comprehensive information on every Footlogix® offering, including:

  • Digital Educational materials in the VIP Education Hub

  • Feature/benefit sheets for every product in the Footlogix® foot care line

  • Informative YouTube videos for Footlogix® products and services

Reference these resources frequently and be sure to reach out to Footlogix® if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

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