Deliver Pedicures, including Soakless Pedicures without Compromising on the Client Experience

25 February, 2019

There’s a frequent misconception among clients and nail technicians alike that a soakless pedicure is a less effective or less relaxing pedicure. However, busy schedules, on-site services, even certain foot conditions clients may prefer a waterless experience.
“We recognized the need for a large, durable, and conveniently packaged hygienic wipe that was safe for all skin types and diabetics,” says Footlogix Founder, Katharin von Gavel. As a result, Footlogix developed the Foot Cleansing Wipe. Sized nearly 12 x 12 inches, with long-lasting, elastic durability—a single Footlogix wipe can be used for both feet during a service. And it completely eliminates the need for the technician to soak the feet.


Not only convenient, Footlogix Foot Cleansing Wipes also enable technicians to deliver a spa-level service—even when circumstances don’t allow a foot soak. How? A non-fragranced, alcohol-free  wipe effectively cleans and refreshes the feet prior to a service, without dehydrating the skin. And after the service, a disposable wipe means quick and easy clean-up, eliminating the need for mobile techs to bring dirty towels back to the salon.
With Footlogix Foot Cleansing Wipes nail technicians can deliver the superior pedicure service clients have come to expect from Footlogix virtually anywhere! Make waterless pedicures a deliberate part of your service menu and make sure your clients know they won’t be missing out. Consider offering extra touches to make soak-free services special, such as an extended massage, sample products or noise-cancelling headphones with a selection of relaxing music.
This service is a great fit for a variety of customers, such as:

  • Elderly clients who are unable to travel
  • Senior or geriatric clients
  • Expecting moms on bed rest
  • Working clients with limited time on their lunch hour
  • Beach town visitors who want quick pedicures and polish changes
  • Wedding parties offering a “spa” days on-site
  • And more!

Cleansing Wipes for Pedicures