Foot Care For Men

28 April, 2022
Regardless of gender, our feet take a beating every day.   With the average adult taking over 5,000 steps a day, our feet are left exhausted, sweaty, rough, scaly, and stinky.  
Although, at-home regimens can take care of many aspects of foot health, seeing a specialist on a consistent basis can make sure we are properly addressing the many common foot conditions.  
Although men still make up a small portion of salon customers, their numbers are growing, especially in the 18-34 age group, a global market research group said.
Below are a few tips to better serve the male clientele and understand some of the unique foot conditions they may present with.  

1. Thick, Fungal Nails

Although both men and women experience fungal nails at the same rate, the male client may not be as aware of the discoloration and thickening happening inside their shoes.
Long hours in boots followed by a hard workout in sneakers can lead to sweaty feet and fungal nails.   With fungus thriving in dark, wet environments it can often go unnoticed until the entire nail is involved.  
This persistent infection can be difficult to treat as the fungus sits within the nail bed.   Treatments such as Footlogix Nail Tincture Spray can help combat this condition. 

2.  Interdigital Macerations

Another condition that is often seen with fungal nails is interdigital macerations and fungus.    When we chronically wear socks and shoes, the toes can trap moisture in between them, leading to a break down in the skin.
Depending on flexibility level and footcare routine, the male client may either not be able to reach down and check between their toes or may not realize that this area can get infected.
If you see interdigital macerations in a client, you want to teach them to keep the area clean and dry.   Any odor in this area would suggest an overlaying fungal infection, and therefore you’d want to recommend Footlogix Peeling Skin Formula.

3. Foot Odor

Foot odor often goes hand-in-hand with fungal infections and excess foot sweat.   If you notice a strong odor of the feet in the male client be sure to look between the toes, under all the nails and in the back of the heel.
If you notice any fungal infection, make sure you are recommending the appropriate treatment based on the area of infection.   Treating a fungal infection of the nails is very different than one between the toes.
In addition, be sure to address the footwear as well.   If they are not changing their socks frequently or are wearing the same shoes every day, then combatting foot fungus and odor becomes very difficult.  
Recommending Footlogix Foot Fresh and Footlogix Shoe Fresh formulas will help! Both products both contain Tea Tree Oil which acts as a disinfectant to eliminate bad bacteria and neutralize foot odor. Foot Fresh Spray also has refreshing menthol for invigorate the feet after a long day. Just spray on the feet or in shoes every day or as often as needed and allow to dry completely. Footlogix® Shoe Fresh is also effective on sports equipment bags, yoga mats and any other items that pick up similar odors.

4. Thick, Callused heels

One more condition caused by long hours in boots and shoes is thick, callused heels.   This is probably the most common condition seen in the male client and shows how neglected the feet can be in so many people.
Caused by excess pressure in the heels and friction from the backs of shoes, dry heels can eventually lead to breaks in the skin called fissures.   
Most thick, callused heels cannot be treated in simply one session with the pedicurist but rather requires consistent treatment at home.  Products such as Footlogix Callus Softener can begin to soften the skin. Best results are achieved when combined with the Professional Footlogix File in service.
The above are just a few common conditions you may see in the male client. One of the biggest differences between men and women is in their level of awareness.  Educating the male client of simple footcare habits and how important it is to overall health can go a long way.