A Guide to an “At Home” Pedicure

08 March, 2021

A Guide to an “At Home” Pedicure

Treat yourself to a transformational pedicure at home with Footlogix® home care products and this simple step-by-step guide to the ultimate at home pedicure.

Regular professional pedicures are always important for maintaining optimum foot health, but a trip to the salon isn’t always possible—and the COVID 19 pandemic is just one more reason why you might not be able to visit a foot care professional. If you’re stuck at home, you may be struggling to give your feet the attention they deserve until your next pedicure appointment.

Footlogix® offers a full line of quality home care products anyone can use to get a highly effective pedicure from the comfort of home.  The new Footlogix® Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo makes taking care of your feet at home so easy!

It all Starts with the Best Way to Reduce Calluses!

The Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo comes with Callus Softener in an easy to use 360-degree spray can and an “At Home” Foot File, a lightweight, easy-to-use, double-sided file that makes quick work of reducing tough, hard calluses on the feet at home!

Step One: Spray

Spray the Callus Softener from the new Footlogix® Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo from a distance of approximately 10 cm/4”to all callused and dry areas of the feet.

Step Two: Allow to Penetrate

Allow the Callus Softener to penetrate for approximately 3 – 5 minutes until the skin is no longer wet but slightly tacky. 

Step Three: Exfoliate Calluses

File with the “At Home” foot file once the skin is no longer wet but still tacky.  Start with the coarse side to exfoliate calluses and rough skin.  Then follow with the fine side of the file to smooth the skin.  Made of high-quality stainless steel and a comfortable rubberized handle, the “At Home” Foot File can be used multi-directionally and will never shred the skin. 

Tip:  If your skin is very dry, you can reactivate with a quick spray of Callus Softener and continue filing.
Be careful not to over file.

Step Four: Finish and Clean

Callus Softener does not need to be washed off as it will continue to hydrate the skin after use. When you’ve finished filing, it’s not necessary to rinse the product off. The non-aggressive Callus Softener formula will continue to hydrate the skin well after treatment is complete. When you’re done, the foot file is easy to clean – wash using a brush with soap and water.

The Footlogix® Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo is the perfect addition to your home foot care routine. When combined with the other transformational Footlogix® retail products, you’ll have everything you need to treat yourself to the ultimate at home pedicure. Just follow these steps for feet that feel smooth and revitalized.


After exfoliation, moisturize the feet with a Footlogix® moisturizing mousse formulated for your particular needs. For extremely dry skin, consider the Footlogix® Very Dry Skin Formula which contains urea to hydrate skin prone to dryness. If your feet are not only dry, but consistently rough and scratchy too, the Footlogix® Rough Skin Formula is a great alternative. In addition to urea to lock in moisture, this formula also contains an effective anti-fungal agent. For moderate dryness choose Daily Maintenance Formula and for night care choose the Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse.

Simply massage a walnut-sized amount of the appropriate formula onto the feet, paying special attention to dry areas and between the toes. The mousse is absorbed quickly to hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

For a Complete Home Spa Experience, Add These Steps!

When pedicuring your own feet at home, you may choose to start with a foot soak. Simply fill a basin with warm water and one pump of Footlogix® Foot Soak Concentrate, then soak the feet for 5-10 minutes. Foot Soak Concentrate is a pH balanced, gentle, cleansing foot soak with anti-microbial properties that will soften dry, rough feet without dehydrating the skin.

Use Footlogix® Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub on the feet and lower legs to exfoliate dry, rough skin without being abrasive. Massage the product into the skin using upward, circular motions. Formulated with the highest grade, imported, organic microalgae, this unique formula is optimally blended with essential oils that leaves feet and legs soft and silky.

Finish your at-home foot care with a pampering foot and leg massage that will improve circulation and further moisturize the skin. The Footlogix® Massage Formula with sunflower seed oil—will keep skin hydrated all day. Just massage one to two pumps of the non-occlusive lotion into the feet and lower legs until completely absorbed. Your feet and legs will feel incredibly soft and silky with no greasy residue. Socks and shoes can be worn immediately or finish with your favorite nail polish, if desired.