Sweaty Feet Formula

Sweaty feet solution
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Sweaty Feet Formula

This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® acts as an astringent to help in reducing perspiration of the skin on the feet. Containing Oak Bark and Sage, it is also naturally anti-microbial.

SIZE: 125 ml / 4.23 oz.

cream for sweaty feet

UPC: 694419261314
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More Information
Features and Benefits

• Formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®, this formula acts as an
astringent to help in reducing perspiration of the skin on the feet
• Contains Sage — with anti-bacterial properties — which acts as an antiseptic
• Contains Oak Bark Extract, an astringent proven effective to shrink pore size

Recommended for:

• Feet that perspire excessively, athletes and wearers of non-breathable
• Use as part of a daily hygiene routine for sweaty feet
• Use in conjunction with Footlogix® Peeling Skin Formula, as part of
ongoing at home care

Usage Instructions

• Massage in to clean, dry feet before putting on footwear, especially
non-breathable footwear such as rubber boots or construction boots
• Apply before physical activity
• Leaves no greasy residue. just apply and go

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  • Footlogix Mousse Tutorial

    This video describes how to use the Footlogix Mousse formula - non-greasy, easy-to-apply, no alcohol or artificial fragrances and fast results! Find a Footlogix retailer near you: http://goo.gl/A7JPDn

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    No more sweaty!

    I’ve had bad sweaty and stinky feet. My wife gifted me the Sweaty Feet Formula and Foot Deodorant Spray from a show that she attended in Toronto. The products have made such a difference. Now, I don't have to bother about choosing my footwear. My feet always smell great!

    Use this for your teen kids!
    Natasha Kastelic

    Ever since my son started taking his basketball coaching lessons, I noticed his feet sweating unusually. I worried if it was some form of hyperhidrosis. I took him to a podiatrist and he recommended that my son try out the Sweaty Feet product made by Footlogix.

    No fragrance mousse, love it!
    Craig Turner

    Last fall, when I was preparing to run a marathon, always being in my shoes made them sweaty and smelly. I used the Sweaty feet Formula to keep my feet from perspiring unusually. I used the Sweaty feet Formula to keep my feet from perspiring unusually. I love the texture of the mousse. The fact that the product has no fragrance, works really well for me.


    As an athlete, my feet perspire excessively and my socks get wet easily. However, since the time I have started using the Footlogix Sweaty Feet Formula, I am spared from being embarrassed when I take my running shoes off at the gym. I tout about this product to my peers as well.


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