Cold Feet Formula

Specialty Foot Care Product For Cold Feet By Footlogix
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Cold Feet Formula

This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® stimulates micro-circulation and provides relief to chronically cold feet. Contains Arnica and Rosemary to stimulate and improve circulation and Urea to lock in moisture. Invigorates the skin, alleviating numb or cold sensations. 

SIZE: 125 ml / 4.23 oz.

cream for cold feet

UPC: 694419251315
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Features and Benefits

• Formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®, stimulates micro-circulation
and provides relief to chronically cold feet
• Contains Arnica and Rosemary to stimulate and improve circulation
• Contains Urea to help lock in moisture.
• Invigorates the skin and alleviates cold sensations

Recommended for:

• People with cold feet who want to alleviate cold sensations

Usage Instructions

• Apply to clean, dry feet once or twice a day, half an hour before bedtime
or as needed
• Leaves no greasy residue – just apply and go

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    Ratings and reviews Review This Product
    Works on feet ANDhands!
    Riya Roy

    Those awful days of the month not only involve terrible menstrual cramps, fatigue and irritability, but with that, I also develop cold feet. I started using the cold feet formula during those particular days with a day and night application. It significantly reduced the coldness in my feet. When I saw just great results, I started using it on my hands too and found relief! Thanks, Footlogix!

    Must-have bedside product!
    Shania Cooper

    With a desk job that makes me just sit all the time, my hands and feet always got cold. When I talked to the doctor, she said that it might be due to poor circulation, thanks to my sedentary lifestyle. I happened to spot the cold feet product on the shelf when I last went to get my hair done. My hairdresser asked me to give it a try. I must say, the product did not disappoint.


    They say it’s the only time in the day they see pink feet instead of purple.


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