DD Cream Mousse Formula

Product for very dry skin on feet
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DD Cream Mousse Formula

“Double-Defense” treatment for the feet formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®. This super hydrating, yet lightweight, unique mousse with Urea is both anti-aging and rejuvenating. It is absorbed immediately, locking moisture into the skin. Containing Spiraleen® it provides anti-microbial properties that relieve skin irritations. This rich mousse revitalizes hydrates and smooths the skin including, but not limited to dry or sensitive skin. Great product for night care.

SIZE: 125 ml / 4.23 oz.

best moisturizer for feet

UPC: 694419061310

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Features and Benefits

• This “Double Defense” treatment for the feet is super hydrating, yet light weight
• It is both anti-aging and rejuvenating
• Absorbs immediately, locking moisture into the skin
• Contains Spiraleen®, an anti-microbial ingredient that relieves skin irritations
• This rich mouse revitalizes, hydrates and smooths the skin including, but not limited to dry or sensitive skin
• A great product for night care

Recommended for:

• Very dry, irritated skin, mature skin and Diabetics
• Use as a night care treatment in a home care routine
• Recommended for regular skin care maintenance

Usage Instructions

• Apply to clean, dry feet twice a day for two weeks, then once daily, as part of regular skin care maintenance
• Just apply – leaves no greasy residue

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  • How to Use Footlogix DD Cream Mousse

    The 'Double Defense' treatment. Learn how to use this super hydrating yet lightweight foot mousse. This rich foot mousse revitalizes, hydrates and smooths dry, irritated skin on the feet. Great product for night care.

    Ratings and reviews Review This Product
    Sunburn treatment

    Over 1 week ago I got a really bad sunburn. It was so red and hot I could not even have the bed sheets touch me. While I was laying in bed in so much pain I saw my DD Cream Mousse on my bedside and thought I would give it a try. The DD had already helped me with so many other skin issues I had nothing to lose. When I woke up the next morning I could not believe the relief as well as I always peel when I get a sunburn, because I've been applying everyday my skin has not peeled. DD Cream Mousse to the rescue once again!

    Soothes my skin condition

    This time of year my eczema really flares up. All my life I have been dealing with itchy, irritated, red, rough skin patches when the winter months hit. DD Cream mousse has saved me since I started using it. No more prescription cream for me!!! Thank you Footlogix you have no idea how much of a game changer this product is.

    Daily use...

    As a supplement to my Rough Skin treatment I now use DD Cream daily in the morning after my shower. It leaves my feet feeling refreshed for the entire day regardless of the activity...great product

    My go-to product ...

    This is the best product for any skin issues and I’m not just talking feet. I just can’t live without DD cream, especially this time of year. Thank You Footlogix!

    The best product I have ever used!!!

    I use this product daily and can’t live without it. My sister has very sensitive skin and uses it on her whole body. I love it and would recommend it for anyone and every one!!! Thank You Footlogix ❤️❤️❤️


    Best Product for Night Time Care!

    Super moisturizer!
    Marlene Johanson

    This product is nothing short of a miracle. My dry, sensitive skin has never responded so well to a moisturizer. I saw a significant change after one application overnight. Thank You Footlogix!


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