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Footlogix Cleansing Wipes
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Cleansing Wipes

Footlogix Cleansing Wipes are safe, gentle and hygienic. Ideal for use before soakless pedicures as a convenient and effective cleanser. Strong and long-lasting with uncomparable durability, they will not dehydrate the skin. With no added fragrance or scents, these wipes are safe for all ages and skin types.
Contains no alcohol.

Size: 11.8" L X 11.8" W

UPC: 694419014330
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Footlogix Cleansing Wipes are recommended for technicians, foot care nurses, senior or geriatric homecare pedicures. Use before soakless pedicures, polish change, waxing or manicures.  One package per pedicure. 
Cleansing Wipes Tutorial

Learn how to use these non-alcoholic and hygienic wipes!

Ratings and reviews Review This Product

The material is incredibly strong. I will never do another pedicure without these wipes in my life. On another note, I use these for personal use as well. Grocery carts, hotel rooms & airplanes.

Fantastic new product

Works so well for diabetics, the elderly or for people who do not want to soak their feet.

Excellent Product!

I found this product to be very high quality! The wipes feel very soft on the skin, while also being incredibly strong and durable. They definitely will not rip or tear during use. Overall this is an excellent product and a great choice when looking for a cleansing wipe!

So great!

It's rare that we find wipes that contain absolutely no alcohol in them. A great addition to the Footlogix professional product range!


Great product! these wipes are long and stretchable. They are really useful for cleaning before a pedicure.


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