Foot Conditions

Your feet carry you around for a lifetime. There are numerous kinds of foot problems resulting from today’s changing lifestyles. These problems can be easily addressed by using the right foot care products. Use this visual guide to learn more about the most common problems in the skin and nails of the feet and their corresponding Footlogix Solutions.

Sweaty Feet

Feet that are slipping because they are sweaty or if your socks are moist, your feet need proper moisture balance.

Tired Legs

Tired, heavy legs from walking or standing for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable.

Toenail Fungus Treatment & Discoloured Toenails

Lifting and yellow discolouration of toenails (often a fungal nail infection) can be very unsightly.

Cold Feet

Lingering cold feet and toes can be a sign of something more sinister than frigid winter temperatures