The Secret to Healthy and Beautiful Cuticles from Footlogix®!

Toronto, Canada, Dec 22, 2017 

Footlogix®, one of the world’s leading foot care companies launches two innovative products specifically targeted to soften and hydrate toenail cuticles. Footlogix® Professional Cuticle Softener and Cuticle Conditioner: A must-have duo for nail technicians to keep their clients’ toenails looking their best.

is a revolutionary product for use with pedicure or toenail services. It naturally softens cuticles without stripping the surrounding skin of essential moisture and balance. The product is specifically formulated for cuticles on toes and the hard skin build up in and around the nail fold on the toes, allowing for rapid removal of excess debris under the free edge of the nail. It is hydrating, not dehydrating, non-acidic, non-aggressive and fast-acting, gentle and efficient!

The formula comes in an easy to use hygienic applicator allowing for pinpoint application and a narrow flow of product-- which means no mess! The Cuticle Softener is an excellent product to use along with the Footlogix® Callus Softener during professional pedicures. Technicians are advised to apply a small amount directly onto toenail and cuticles after soaking the feet in Footlogix® Foot Soak; so gentle that it does not need to be washed off.

“I am so proud to launch these two new professional products specially targeted for cuticles of the feet. The Cuticle Softener is unique and unlike any other product in the market. The consistency makes it perfectly fluid to reach into the nail fold area and cuticles. It makes cleaning excess debris much easier for the technician. For continued hydration, we developed Cuticle Conditioner lotion to keep client’s feet silky soft and esthetically beautiful,” says Dr. Katharin von Gavel, Founder and CEO of Footlogix®.

The Cuticle Softener and Conditioner fit perfectly in the Footlogix line of transformational professional foot care products. Available to all prestige salons and spas and foot care professionals across North America.

Footlogix® is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and is a trusted and renowned brand in the professional spa and salon industry. Footlogix® is available in more than 55 countries around the world.

If you have any questions regarding Footlogix® Professional Cuticle Softener or Cuticle Conditioner or any other product in the Footlogix Pediceuticals® portfolio of foot care products, please contact:

Avra Goldenblatt
Marketing Manager

KvG Group Inc. / Footlogix | 1 Westside Drive, Suite #12 | Toronto, Ontario Canada M9C 1B2
TF: 1-888-442-4408 XT 213 | T: 416-742-1313 XT 213


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