Footlogix® Unveils Hydrating Hand Mousse

Footlogix® Unveils Hydrating Hand Mousse, a Game-Changer in Hand Care

Footlogix®, the world’s first and only Pediceutical foot care line, is thrilled to introduce Hydrating Hand Mousse, a revolutionary leap in hand care innovation. Under the visionary leadership of Katharin von Gavel, a pioneer in foot care, Footlogix® has remained steadfastly committed to meeting the unique demands of foot care since its inception in 2007.

Hydrating Hand Mousse: Transforming Hand Care

In response to consumer demand for hand creams tailored to the unique characteristics of their hands, which, much like our feet, have thicker outer layers, Footlogix® is proud to present 'Hydrating Hand Mousse.' Crafted by leading experts in foot care, this exclusive blend caters specifically to the distinctive needs of hands.

Footlogix® Hydrating Hand Mousse, featuring Dermal Infusion Technology®, ensures cosmeceutical ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, offering a superior level of hydration compared to conventional hand creams. Unlike traditional options, 'Hydrating Hand Mousse' is a light, airy mousse swiftly absorbed, leaving no trace of greasiness. Apply and go – a true revolution in hand care.

The Ultimate All-In-One Solution for Hand Care

Addressing dryness, cracked skin, irritation, or signs of aging on hands, 'Hydrating Hand Mousse'
transforms skin hydration with deep and enduring effects. Crafted with our patented Dermal Infusion Technology® and enriched with Cheilidonium Majus extract, it caters to the specific needs of all skin types, whether sensitive, dry, or somewhere in between. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and pamper your hands with the tender care they deserve. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your skin is in safe hands.

A Product Inspired by Customer Requests

For 17 years, Footlogix® has been the go-to for health and beauty professionals, providing top-quality foot care products. Katharin von Gavel, CEO of Footlogix®, expresses pride in the company's responsiveness to customer feedback, stating, "Our customers have long enjoyed the benefits of Footlogix® products for their hands as a byproduct of their daily routines. The clamor for a hand care product marrying the innovations of Footlogix® foot care is now answered with Hydrating Hand Mousse. We eagerly anticipate how people can now care for their hands with a product that is not only highly effective but also upholds the same high quality as our other offerings."

Trusted Worldwide

Footlogix® products have garnered the trust of millions of feet (and hands) across more than 90
countries. Renowned for providing sought-after foot care solutions, Footlogix® has become a staple for professionals, premier salons, and spas worldwide.

For more information about Hydrating Hand Mousse and Footlogix® products, please contact:
Kurtis Graham
Marketing Lead

P: 416-742-1313 XT 223

KvG Group Inc. / Footlogix® | 1 Westside Drive, Suite #12 | Toronto, Ontario Canada M9C 1B2
TF: 1-888-442-4408 

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About Footlogix®

Established in 2007 by Dr. Katharin von Gavel, a trailblazer in foot care, Footlogix® stands as a leading Pediceutical foot care brand. Offering a comprehensive range of innovative products, Footlogix® delivers transformative results for various skin conditions affecting the feet. Their mission is to address the challenging needs of the foot care industry, providing solutions for professionals and consumers.


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